4 Effective Dental Marketing Strategies to Attract Patients

Dental Marketing

Here’s the truth; traditional marketing strategies won’t bring in new patients for your dental practice. Not only do people go online to find grocery and beauty items to shop online, they’re also going online to find local services and dental practices are not an exception. In 2020 and beyond, you need new dental marketing ideas to grow your practice. In this article, you will discover new strategies that will snag you new dental patients.

Create a strong well-designed site

A lot of dental practitioners believe that a website is just a digital brochure. That is wrong. In fact, your website is your 24/7 sales engine.  And if you already have a website and you’ve not made a single sale through your website then this article will put you through how to create a lead generation website. Getting your practice online begins with a website.

You can easily set this up on WordPress or hire an agency to create that for you. To get the best our of your WordPress website, ensure you integrate it with analytics tools, put contact in strategic locations on all your website pages. Also have a testimonials and case studies section to demonstrate your expertise.

Leverage FOMO Marketing

It is possible to improve your websites conversions rate and drive more sales through the utilization of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) marketing strategies. This method can be used to increase conversion rates through the use of messages that appeals to consumer’s desires to latch on every opportunity before it slips through their fingers. This comes in the form of countdown timers, huge discounts that would only last for a given period and occasional offers that keeps prospects coming back.

To do this, you have to show that your product is in demand. In dental care, this can come in the form is special discounts on bonding, braces, bridges, implants and other dental related procedures.

Success with this approach depends on highlighting your patients’ must-have experience. This encourages patients who are in need of your dental service to quickly take action.

Show that the offer won’t last and that it is only available to a limited number of interested patients through count-down timers and discounts that are only available within a short period.

Give your Dental Marketing a boost with Geo-targeted Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is a powerful marketing strategy for dental offices. You can easily target based on location and based on ranking dental keywords. Google Ads works very well with dental offices because do not only control your ad budget but also choose who you want to market to. To do this, first conduct some keyword research to identify the best dental keywords.

We recommend that you set your PPC to call-only campaigns. Also, integrate your Ads campaigns with a call tracking and analytics software such as Nimbata to know and determine high quality leads. A dental company has been able to sign over 1500 new patients with a 3X conversation rate through Google Ad campaigns. This is considered to be more than three times better than the industry’s standard for ‘good’ results. We’ve also seen over 325% increase in PPC leads for a dental clinic in just sixty days.

Therefore, your dental clinic has unlimited possibilities of scaling your ROI to even 2X or 3X in a matter of months.

Leverage Nimbata Call Tracking Features

A good way to get the best out of your Ads campaign is to integrate call tracking. Using this strategy, you get a complete overview of keywords that are driving the most calls. Additionally, you are able to optimize your campaigns better since with tools line Nimbata, you can search based on keywords that are driving the most calls. Additionally, you get demographics insight to determine the locations that are driving the most calls. The advantage of this approach is that you’re able to target only those with more intent of speaking to you. Better targeting means more effective ads placements.


Traditional marketing relies so much on referrals and that has a lot of limitations for your dental clinic ROI. The dental marketing strategies mentioned above actually work and if your dental practice hasn’t started using any of the methods listed above then you’re losing a lot on profits. But it’s never too late to start leveraging the powerful features of Nimbata call tracking solution with Google Ads.