The 3 game-changing benefits of call tracking for education institutions

Call Tracking for educational institutions

Call tracking for Education helps educational institutions achieve more easily their No1 goal. Learn how.

Let’s say you are currently performing research about your children’s school or maybe you are a student yourself searching for an academic program to continue your studies. There are many options out there and you have to spend a lot of time doing well-rounded research before you move on. Undoubtedly, this is a life-changing decision for a person to make. You shouldn’t make it on the spot, because it will affect your future. Besides, it requires a considerable amount of money to invest in.

Normally, the first step in your research process will be to open a browser and search for educational institutions. So, typing some keywords and hitting the click button brings you in front of a list of relevant content. At this point, either you turn to your dial-pad to call the organization directly, or you visit websites one by one.

You start to navigate reading about offered programs, the institute’s location, tuition fees, and much more. Some of your questions may be answered, but there are still a lot more that remain. What would you do?

Would you submit a web contact form and wait to receive a reply… taking the risk to receive nothing back and simply lose time? Or better pick up the phone and call to get instant answers to your questions? Most probably, you would go for the second option.

Prospective students or even their parents researching such programs often want to reach out to a human in order to quickly have their questions answered and to qualify their next school.

Phone calls are vital in generating quality leads for an institution and should not be ignored when assessing the outcome of your marketing campaigns. For training and educational institutions, measuring the return on ad spend without a call attribution solution becomes nearly impossible.

Nimbata provides educational institutions with powerful call attribution and monitoring tools to help drive more enrollments. Curious to know more?

We will tell you everything! … But first, let’s see how it works:

Call tracking is the process of capturing and reporting inbound call activity by displaying local or toll-free phone numbers on your website for marketing sources you wish to track. Numbers dynamically swap on your website and report the source of each call. This means that each visitor sees a unique phone number- assigned to the specific marketing asset that brought them in- but when they dial it, the call is forwarded to the business’s phone line. Namely, the process is seamless for the caller and the agent receiving the call.    

Now, let’s see why it is crucial for an educational institution to have call tracking in place, along with some facts from our customer base:

1) Convert More Calls into Enrollments

By tracking incoming calls, managers gain a clear view of marketing performance and understand which marketing sources bring valuable phone leads towards the organization. In other words, no more blind spots, no more guesswork on what does or doesn’t work. With Nimbata’s suite of call analytics reports, you can start making decisions based on accurate data. And when you have a clear view of which channels and campaigns work best for your business; you can capitalize on them to increase your enrollments. Simple as that!

The need & the outcome: A leading school in higher education used to track the success of their digital marketing campaigns by tracking form completions. In 2019, they turned to Nimbata in order to assess marketing actions that lead to an inquiry via phone. What was the outcome? Over a 4-month period, results showed that calls surpassed form completions by 45%! Obviously, the school’s most important lead generator was left unexploited for years…

45% more calls vs. form completions with Nimbata call tracking

After this first shock, the school wanted to find out whether those phone leads were valuable for the business. To do this, they first had to define which phone inquiries qualified as quality calls. For the client, a call duration over 3 minutes was a good benchmark. With a simple application of Nimbata’s in-app filters, they figured out that 26% of inbound call activity was quality calls! The filters, though, uncovered something even more interesting; 55% of first-time callers were actually new leads!

55% of first-time callers were new leads

2) Bring more students with the same budget

As an educational institution, most probably you run PPC and SEO campaigns among others, to increase traffic to your site. Raise your hand if you’re nodding while reading this.

Nimbata call tracking can help you attribute inbound call activity at the keyword level. This means you can easily uncover which ads and keywords drive inquiries and subsequently optimize for those performing best. In other words, you can get more enrollments with the same ad spend while at the same time keeping customer acquisition costs low.

The need & the outcome: Back to our example, the institution wanted to find out which keywords generate phone leads in order to re-allocate budget on those performing best. Curious about the outcome? Results showed that 45% of phone leads came from non-branded or competition keywords. Owning this significant piece of information, they decided to change their bidding strategy and shift their budget to those performing best!

45% of phone leads coming from non-branded keywords

3) Enhance your customer’s journey & experience

By examining the demographics of your callers, you can easily find out what your audience looks like and where your customers are located. This knowledge is an ace in the hole to tailor and serve appropriate content. Additionally, deploying Nimbata’s features and add-ons, such as call recordings and transcriptions, you can monitor conversations and understand what prospective students are inquiring about. Afterward, you can build a digital strategy that focuses on the best enrollment opportunities.

It is easily understandable that the way an institution interacts with a prospective student may affect their decision about enrolling. This means that your customer service should be exquisite. In which way can you be sure that such a thing happens? With call recordings and transcriptions in place, educational institutions can easily evaluate the performance of agents handling calls and spot whether further training is needed.

Furthermore, by reading call transcripts, you can qualify the effectiveness of certain call scripts over others, revise them, and train agents accordingly. Finally, our “whispers” feature- a message played before the call connects – helps call agents better prepare and tailor their interactions with prospects.

The need & the outcome: This time, our client’s need was… what every marketer wants to know; Their target audience! Thanks to demographic insights obtained from their caller’s data, the institution found that their audience presented an even split between gender and 55% of callers aged between 25 – 44 years contrary to a 15% aged between 18-24. Crucial findings to help them adjust their content strategy and to speak the decision maker’s language.

So, which is the key takeaway from all the above? All educational institutions, big or small, should use call tracking in their marketing stack. It is a powerful competitive advantage that helps such organizations make the most of their advertising budget, enhance customer service, and increase marketing ROI.

If you still have second thoughts about the usefulness of call tracking for educational institutions, you can try Nimbata free for 14 days. We are sure you will see the benefit of your business immediately, as did hundreds of our customers globally! Ready to take it for a spin?