Nimbata Call Tracking for Travel & Hospitality.

Phone calls play an important role on how customers engage with hotels and travel agencies. With many options factoring into the purchasing decision, it is no surprise that the phone channel remains as one of the most important for the industry. Knowing which ads or journeys lead to a phone booking shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Nimbata offers a simple to use call tracking platform for businesses operating in tourism or hospitality to accurately attribute phone bookings to the marketing efforts driving them. 

Drive More Reservations & Bookings .

Grow phone bookings by taking advantage of ads and journeys that convert! 

Shift from OTA

Learn which channels or campaigns are most effective at driving phone reservations. Optimize your marketing budget and acquire more direct bookings.

Mobile or Desktop?

Social media and smartphones are transforming how travelers research their trips. Identify landing pages or services that bring in call traffic.


Target your audience with telephone numbers local to them and enhance the customer experience through a personalized and local touch in your advertising.

How it Works.

Learn which ads “drive” phone calls.

Call Tracking for Hospitality

Add local or toll-free numbers in seconds.

Setup where to forward your calls and whether to record them or not.

Place tracking script on your site or numbers on the ads or campaigns you wish to track.

Gain real-time insights and understand which campaigns are driving calls!

Improve Call Conversion Rates.

Use call recordings or transcriptions to train employees and quantify the effectiveness of certain call scripts over others.

Travel & Hospitality