Call Tracking for Healthcare

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call tracking for healthcare

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Improve Appointment Rates

Getting new patients to reach your practice is hard, and increasing competition further challenges how you stand out. Nimbata Call Tracking for Healthcare, helps you discover the marketing efforts driving quality phone leads to your practice so that you get more appointments!

Missed Call Alerts

Set up missed call alerts to make sure no potential high value clients are missed during peak times.

Elevate caller experience

Brind call add-ons into the flow to smooth your conversations with greetings, keypad entry, whispers, recordings, surveys, and more.

Improve Appointment Rates

Learn which campaigns and ads are making your patients call and book appointments with you.

The cure for unattributed data

Running campaigns using Nimbata means you have left no phone lead unattributed. Identify which of your marketing practices contribute to acquiring new or retaining existing patients – and which aren’t – so that you can stay on the right side.

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Painlessly Perfect: Create a smooth customer experience

Greeting, whispers, surveys, and call routing features – are all part of the game of creating the perfect flow for your patients. Seamlessly build the experience that fosters your patients talking to you.

Social Media Ads for Health Practitioners – Mistakes to avoid

Create a HIPAA-compliant ecosystem

Nimbata is a HIPAA-compliant call tracking software enabling healthcare marketers to stay compliant as they run ads protecting the privacy of first-party patient data (PHI).

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Resources: your go-to place for inspiration

Take a sneak peek at how call tracking can help your healthcare marketing.

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With Nimbata we finally have a good system to track performance and calculate ROI for each ad.

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