Nimbata for Education & Training.

Prospective students or even their parents researching your program often want to reach out to a human in order to quickly have their questions answered and to qualify their next school. For training and educational institutions, measuring the return on ad spend without a call attribution solution becomes nearly impossible. Nimbata provides such organizations with powerful call attribution and monitoring tools to help drive more enrollments from the calls they receive. 

Convert More Calls into Enrollments .

Improve enrollment rates by focusing on the channels and campaigns that work!

Student Acquisition

Find out how and where to reach prospective students or parents who wish to inquire about your educational offerings.

Optimized Marketing

Learn which ads, keywords or campaigns drive the most inquiries and registrations. Get more enrollments with the same ad spend.

Caller Insights

Monitor conversations to understand what prospective students are inquiring about and build a digital strategy that focuses on the best enrollment opportunities.

Convert More Calls into Enrollments.

Improve enrollment rates by focusing on the channels and campaigns that work! 

Call Tracking for Education

Add local or toll-free numbers in seconds.

Setup where to forward your calls and whether to record them or not.

Place tracking script on your site or numbers on the ads or campaigns you wish to track.

Gain real-time insights and understand which campaigns are driving calls!

Improve Call Conversion Rates.

Use call recordings or transcriptions to train employees and quantify the effectiveness of certain call scripts over others.