Call Tracking for Pay-per-call marketers

Get measurable results from your pay-per-call efforts

Nimbata’s call tracking for pay-per-call marketers makes it easy to monetize phone calls just like clicks and get credit for the calls you generate for your clients.

Call tracking for pay-per-call marketers calltrackingforpaypercall

Track phone call leads

Running campaigns using Nimbata means you have no phone lead left unattributed. No matter your industry from insurance to healthcare or automotive, identify which of your marketing actions generate quality phone leads for your buyers.

call tracking for home services - plumber
call tracking for home services - plumber

Manage the number of calls, each of your buyers receives

Call capping ensures that you generate the exact amount of phone calls you get paid for. Set the limits of calls you are willing to accept from a campaign within a given timeframe.

Sophisticated call routing with advanced features

The better the experience you provide, the higher your call conversion rates will be. Greeting, whispers, surveys, and call routing features – are all part of the game of giving personal attention from the first call and every call. Drag and drop any of our features with the call flow builder.

Call tracking for pay-per-call marketers Day of week

See how Orazio from Clientment
made $50K from phone calls in just 3 months

Proved to his buyers that his marketing ads drove leads to their business

Every 6 ad clicks generated 1 phone call. 1 deal every 6 phone calls.

Made $50k with 320 phone leads in just 3 months

Power up your pay-per-call advertising

Must-have call tracking for pay-per-call features

Call Whispers

Be prepared for what’s next! A call whisper will play a short audio message before you answer the call, preparing you to handle the lead with important information beforehand.

Call Recordings

Record, revisit and listen to all answered calls. Use call recordings to train agents, monitor interactions and tag calls based on their outcome.


Transcribed conversations make it easier for you to review and analyze your phone calls, identify key talking points, and extract actionable insights for improved customer interactions and marketing strategies.

Call Tagging

Clasify and label calls with relevant information. Cal tags help you organize and sort calls based on specific criteria, enabling easy retrieval, analysis, and reporting.

Caller ID Display

Choose what shows up as a caller ID on your phone before answering the call. Mask your callers’ id as anonymous, with the tracking number or with the destination’s number.

Dashboards & Analytics

Our real-time reports provide an intuitive interface to help you make sure your are not over spending and that you get the most quality phone leads for your buck. Get real-time access to over 30 acquisition and behavioral call analytics reports.

call routing option for pay per call

Multi ring, priority or weighted distribution – we’ve got you covered

Send each lead to multiple buyers based on your preferred call routing option – multiple, sequential, or weighted.

Pay-per-call advertising resources

Take a sneak peek at how call tracking can help your Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation.

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