Call Tracking for Marketing Agencies

Give your industry clients
the highest ROI on your marketing budget.
(And Prove it too!)

Measure, boost, and scale performance across all of your clients’ channels with Nimbata. Scale your agency effectiveness and increase profits (both yours and theirs).

Retaining clients is harder than ever

You work too hard to be betrayed by the data gaps of ad tech platforms.
Nimbata is the new gem in your martech stack to overcome familiar challenges

Onboarding clients and setting up
campaigns takes time
Missed conversions is key reason behind campaigns underperforming by at least 30% 
Not being able to track 100% of your conversions, means actually have less conversions, the same budget, thus higher CPA
You struggle to integrate data to find source and best performing channels but get lost to double counting
You try to optimize but… have same budget, more competitors, rising CPC .. And declining performance
Not everyone gets conversions, it is the resulting value that matters and without it customers get frustrated 
Unhappy clients and risk of losing the account
Launch campaigns that are setup for success; more winning campaigns
Track all conversions
Get real high-value leads
Improve your targeting
Reduce acquisition costs
See the full customer customer journey with accurate and agnostic data.
Answer the tougher questions about how marketing drives growth from campaign, to page, to keyword
Boost ROI and ROAS. Answering every dollar spent, earning on every on session.
Prove you’re your worth, built trust and win more clients

Winning campaigns for any client,
anywhere in the world

Get local numbers across 80 countries, use dynamic number insertion, add Google and Meta pixels to show clients what they’re earning on each call you generate.

Manage Newly Generated Leads at scale

With automation rules and integration triggers you forget the manual work for tagging, notifications and routing. Focus on campaign optimization and give clients the ready-to buy leads they so much need.

Provide insights your clients never knew they needed.

Whether calls or forms, offline or web tracking, get complete conversion attribution platform and stank rank what campaigns, sources or keywords bring results to your brands illuminates your marketing reality by combining your ad spend with first-party conversions to give you accurate RoAS. Finally, a single source of truth to challenge assumptions & biases.

Connect your whole marketing stack

We’ve got all integrations that connect with CRMs, CMSs—all the Cs, really—and the rest of your marketing and attribution tools.

Capabilities your agency
will benefit from

Effectively manage your clients’ accounts

Different clients, different needs. Flexibility create and manage unlimited sub-accounts for clients and brands to work in a collaborative environment- all inside 1 Nimbata account.

Your work, your label

Nimbata offers its powerful platform 100% whitelabel, meaning you can style the interface so that it’s inline with the brand identity of your agency.

Pricing that matches goals

We are the only vendor offering pricing per answered call and not per minute.

Yes that means you only pay for warm leads – the exact thing your clients need to grow.

“Nimbata has now become a critical tool in our agency. Nimbata’s per-call cost significantly reduced our call-tracking expenses by 70% in comparison to previous trackers that we have used to manage multiple call-tracking campaigns.”
Marketing Agency

Support your success

Agency partners are family to us. We provide  onboarding, 

When you ask a question you get an answer from someone that has spent countless hours developing Nimbata.

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Don’t believe us. Believe your Agency peers.


“Best Call Tracking Service”


“We are a marketing agency and LOVE Nimbata”


“An excellent service with excellent support”

Not an agency?
Take benefits for your business.

Earn new clients and Keep the ones you got

Nimbata is a top10 call tracking tool on the market—and over a decade later, we’re still shakin’ things up.
More than 13,000 marketers choose Nimbata because we help them grow smarter.

How GIM got richer ad insights with nimbata.

By measuring phone calls, GIM managed to eliminate many hidden conversions and identify the source that drove more qualified leads to their clients’ business.

Gathering calls along with clicks helped GIM obtain a holistic view of the channels that make its customers grow faster. Measuring all types of conversions assisted not only in making smarter Marketing decisions but also in the whole business revenue model.
Feeling the fear of the predicted recession, or seeing the first signs of it in your own business already?
Prove ROI
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There is only one way to find out how Nimbata can improve the way your agency delivers.