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GIM delivers top-tier performance marketing campaigns w/ nimbata


20% more conversions

Increased conversions
without increasing the marketing budget spent

Discover real Performance

Including phone call conversions to their strategy helped identify under-performing campaigns unnecessarily burning budget

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Digital Marketing Agency






since 2017

GIM is an award-winning marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing & eCommerce. GIM started serving their first clients back in 2009. Since then, GIM has gathered a team of 30 talented individuals who assist hundreds of clients with their organic growth and performance marketing needs.

While rapidly scaling, in 2017 GIM decided to incorporate phone calls as a conversion metric to their projects. And thus, a 5-year relationship between GIM & Nimbata began.

Owners of jaw-dropping case studies

A common framework to build great case studies is creating a story that goes:


But readers tend to read case studies in a different order:


And this is where GIM steps up and makes sure to generate results so impressive that readers and future clients can’t stop reading.

Everything starts with GIM’s detailed Marketing Audits which allow them to create unstoppable marketing strategies. 

By fully understanding their clients’ strengths and weaknesses, they find the appropriate brand positioning for each client and double down on it with performance marketing and SEO.

Tracking every lead means high-converting campaigns and websites

Phone calls are usually overlooked because offline conversions are harder to track.

GIM figured that if they could track calls along with online clicks, their services would unveil their true value of their marketing efforts. With Nimbata in their armory, performance marketers can further improve campaigns and websites to drive more conversions.

It’s how GIM shows clients their professionalism and passion for marketing.

“We managed to increase conversions by 20%
without increasing the budget spent”

Campaigns perform better than what Google Analytics might show

100% marketing attribution is almost impossible to achieve.

But GIM is constantly trying to be as close as possible to that number. Thanks to their expertise in Marketing Analytics, hidden conversions are almost non-existent.

While Google Analytics is built around monitoring online conversions, when phone calls come into play – things can get a bit tricky.

Campaigns that seem to under-perform, might be driving hundreds of calls without GA reporting them. GIM makes sure to dig into every single lead and maximize the ROI of the budget trusted by their clients. 

Nimbata + GIM Results

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PPC Campaign Optimization

GIM increased campaign & website conversions without increasing budget, simply by adding call tracking numbers to click-to-call campaigns and monitoring the complete customer journey.

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Solved the Attribution Puzzle

By measuring phone calls, GIM managed to eliminate many hidden conversions and identify the source that drove more qualified leads to their clients' business.

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Reached the right audience

Gathering calls along with clicks helped GIM obtain a holistic view of the channels that make its customers grow faster. Measuring all types of conversions assisted not only in making smarter Marketing decisions but also in the whole business revenue model.

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