Use Nimbata’s conversion data and Zapier Integration for richer real-time insights.

zapier integration

Your time is precious, and the systems you manage only keep growing. But fear no more.

We are proud to announce that we made it to give our users—YOU—one of the most requested features: Nimbata-Zapier integration.  

This integration will allow our users to connect Nimbata and your inbound call data with your marketing and sales tools (actually over 2000 other apps). Now marketing pros build smarter workflow automation, where data is sent in real-time, wherever you want – saving you valuable time and energy.

Common Challenges faced by marketers? 

  • How can I add incoming calls to my CRM and update their contact info?
  • Need to instantly transform inbound calls into leads and import their data to the right list?
  • Would you love to instantly notify your team of new lead data and sales call events via Slack or Gmail?
  • How to make my marketing tools talk to each other?

Here is how Zapier integration can help your Ad Optimization strategy

How zapier integration works

The Nimbata and Zapier integration enables data flow with a series of apps (pipedrive, Google Sheets, Slack, Clickup) opening up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to create conversion-based multichannel engagement campaigns.

You will want to integrate with Zapier because it helps save you time and money — allowing you to focus on more important things (like fine-tuning your campaigns to generate traffic to your pages and A/B testing)! 

For more information on how to integrate your inbound call conversions to Zapier, check out the help center article.

If you’re enjoying our free trial or are a Basic user, upgrade to Pro, start enjoying Zapier, and “wave goodbye to your busywork” forever!

When Nimbata sends data out through a Zap, you can trigger the following scenarios, such as:

Sending Leads & Callers to Your Email Platform

When someone fills out a Leadpages form to sign-up, subscribe, purchase, or receive a lead magnet, their information can be automatically sent to segmented groups inside your email service provider (ESP).

Updating Your CRM Contact Info

Collecting Caller ID or new form fields from a pre-existing contact? You are covered. All your contact information can be automatically updated & refreshed inside your chosen CRM software.

Nurture New Leads Instantly

A incoming call can trigger the instant delivery of (automated) confirmation emails, the delivery of a product/ lead magnet, or trigger an email nurture sequence.

Logging First Time Caller 

Track incoming sales calls directly in a Google Sheet or MySQL table. 

Receive Incoming call activity digests

Easily keep your team in the loop when you provide automatic submission summaries on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis (delivered via Email or Slack).

Not familiar with Zapier? Let us explain. 

While developers can quickly come up with solutions to integrate Nimbata into their workflows, we know that not everyone can handle the developer-oriented CLI or API to achieve the desired level of automation we preach. So we felt obliged to empower all users who don’t necessarily want to go down the developer road to enjoy the fruits of automation.

Zapier is a drag and drop integration builder (or web automation app) that works on “triggers” and “actions.” “When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B.” We already offer native integrations for the essential marketing tools in your day-to-day, but to enable more complex scenarios, you may find Zapier is the way to go. You can do all of your necessary automated tasks with no coding required.

What Triggers and Automations are available by Nimbata?

Using simple if-this-then-that logic, Zapier allows you to move information from one app to another—without code. It allows users to perform actions in other apps when new phone calls come in or update Nimbata lead entries when actions happen in other apps. 

Currently, we offer two kind of zaps.

  • When a new call received on your tracked numbers is added to your call log it TRIGGERS an ACTION in other Zapier’s integrated apps. You can pass through all the extensive details of every calling lead like time of call, duration, campaign name, utm_source, etc.
  • An event in other Zapier’s integrated apps TRIGGERS the addition of a new row to a …

At Nimbata, we used Zapier, e.g., to send calls completed from Nimbata to our CRM, notify us on Slack, and log it to ClickUp. You can do this two by using the following templates we’ve already created:

Popular ways to use Nimbata Workflows