Nimbata Product Update – September 2023

Nimbata September 2023 product

We’re back in action since the beginning of the month, and boy, do we have some exciting news to share with you.

Buckle up for new features, stunning UI/UX redesigns, and powerful tools that will help you end the year with a bang.

Let’s go!

1. Integrations Triggers -> Triggers

This is not just a mere rebranding. Until recently, triggers allowed you to filter data based on specific criteria and send only relevant calls as events to your favorite apps. But now, we’ve taken it a step further. Triggers can be used for your automation rules as well. Think of Triggers as your secret weapon to slice and dice data, enabling you to retain only the calls that meet your criteria. And with the trigger in hand, you can unleash its power to perform any action you desire (such as sending a conversion event or triggering an automation rule). You can even create triggers based on Custom Properties or Custom URL parameters.

Nimbata Triggers screenshot

2. Triggers –  Additions of extra fields to filter calls

Along with a much needed UI update you can also now use the following properties as part of your triggers:

  • Number of times called – Ability to set a filter based on the number of times a lead has called
  • Has Voicemail – Set a filter if a voicemail message has been left by your caller

3.  GA4 Send Multiple Events

When we rolled out the ability to send multiple conversions in Google Ads a lot of you asked to expand this functionality to Google Analytics 4 as well.
From now on you can setup multiple events and combine them with triggers, so you receive the call information you want, on the event you set.
Some ideas for inspirations to setup as separate events:

  • First Time Callers
  • Repeat Callers
  • Quality Calls – Callers with talk time >= 90 seconds
  • Google Ads Calls – Calls that have a GCLID
  • Tagged Calls – Calls that have been tagged with a certain value (you need to have tagging enabled for this).
Google Analytics 4 - Nimbata integration

4.  Call Capping

This one is for you Pay-per-callers and it’s something you have been asking for quite some time.
Call Capping allows you to take control of the amount of phone calls each of your buyers can receive by setting a limit (cap).
To take it a step further you can combine Call Capping with Priority, Sequential or Weighted distribution call flows.

Nimbata Call Capping

5. Media Library at account level

If you are an agency and manage many clients, it can be tedious to upload greetings and audio files separately for each brand. From the Media Libray you can upload Greetings, Surveys and Voicemail and apply them to all brands.

6. Send Value to Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads are on the rise and we know that many of you have begun running campaigns for your clients. We updated the integration with the ability to include the value of the call (if it exists).

7. Automation Rules – Mark calls that meet certain criteria as SPAM

Everybody hates SPAM calls. Especially if they mess with your attribution data. In addition to all other mechanisms we have in place to prevent SPAM you can now setup your own criteria of what types of calls should be treated as SPAM. Setup a trigger with your criteria, include this trigger to the automation and mark the caller as SPAM (preventing them from calling again).

Nimbata Automation Rules

8. Activity Views update

Creating and sharing views with your team got even better. Check it out!

9. Numerous UI / UX updates

Remember that feeling when a child completes their school year, goes on a vacation, and returns looking all grown up? Well, Nimbata had a similar growth spurt this summer, with a fantastic makeover in some crucial areas. You might have already come across these changes or even used them, but just in case you missed it:

  • My account: All the information about you and your team conveniently located in one place.
  • Filters in Reports and Views: Easily organize and filter your data for a seamless user experience.
  • Call Tags: Effortlessly set up tags and categorize them for better organization.
  • Triggers: A fresh new look and feel with exciting property additions.
  • Call Flow builder: An even more user-friendly experience to create your ideal call flow.