Nimbata Product Update – Summer 2023

Nimbata July 2023 product

As we wrap up the month, I am thrilled to share the latest updates from Nimbata with all of you!
Have you had a chance to visit our revamped front page at
Alongside the fresh new design, we have dedicated this month to enhancing our form tracking capabilities and focusing on Google Analytics 4.
And guess what? We are proud to announce that we are now a certified app on HubSpot!
Discover more by reading below!

1.Multiple Events in Google Analytics 4

We’re thrilled to bring you a highly requested feature that you’ve been eagerly anticipating!

Introducing a new capability on Nimbata – now you can effortlessly send multiple events to GA4. With the added benefit of triggers, you have the power to “filter” and select specific call data to be sent as separate events.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Give it a try and share your valuable feedback with us.

IMPORTANT: Those of you who had setup 2 events (New & Repeat callers ) will not be impacted whatsoever, but will see a new event with the relevant trigger.

2. Form Tracking Enhancements

For those of you who have been utilizing our form tracking feature to monitor leads, we have some exciting news. After gathering your valuable feedback, we are thrilled to introduce our beta version. This enhanced version offers a sleeker UI/UX, the ability to expand rows for more detailed information, the option to exclude specific fields with smart rules, and a convenient search bar for easy keyword searches.

3. Tag calls via our API

You are all familiar with how tagging works through our app. Team went the extra mile and you can now tag calls by using our API!