Nimbata Product Update – September

Nimbata Product Update – September 3

If you use Nimbata in your campaign strategy, you already know that our platform does so much more than simply count calls. We struggle with the same issues as you do, and those that have been with us since the beginning know that our goal is to grow and serve more of your marketing needs.

This is why we created Nimbata – to have accurate, actionable and impactful marketing attribution data, in real time, sent to the tools that you manage your marketing with, everyday.

With this release we are taking it a step further!

What’s more to be done you ask?

Well, Let’s go! Read below to learn all about it!

What’s new? 🆕

1. Automations for Key Integrations

With our latest release you can now use phone call outcome data to enhance your attribution models in ad platforms and lead handling, with triggers, in key integrations covering your favorite marketing, sales and collaboration tools.

Get to actions that matter faster; boost marketing performance and sales efficiency.  

Use it for conversion signals to enable better retargeting campaigns or to clearly see the new leads to Salesforce, HubSpot or other CRMs

No code. Real time. Super easy!

Take a look, play around and let us know what you think!

Automations for Key Integrations | Triggers

2. Setup Configuration Enhancements

  • Tracking Numbers

Managing your tracking numbers has become even better! Look out for the blue ⚙️ at the top menu which will allow you to change the source type of numbers in bulk – rather than having to go one by one 🙂

  • Advanced Call Flows

Setting up advanced call flows with geo routing in the USA and Canada, now allows to use state prefixes rather than number prefixes – (e.g. MA, AL,AZ, etc..)

  • DNI

Performance improvements in DNI script when used with Single-page application (SPA) – faster loading times and better attribution!

3. Analytics Enhancements

You can now segment all reports, based on their tag outcome.

This allows you to see how many calls converted in a sale, ended up talking to support, or any outcome you’ve set.

Select your favorite report from the Analytics section and in the dropdown on the upper right, group by call tag.

Nimbata Product Update – September CallTags

What nimbata is up to? 💥

Our dev team is ready to deliver our most requested feature! Stay tuned  🤙