Nimbata Product Update – November

Nimbata Product Update - November final product update cover 1

November is known for 🦃 day or setting up the end of year 🎄,  but at Nimbata it has been all about automations! 

We are releasing features that allow you to orchestrate the call conversion events and your call data and automagically leverage this data as insight  to enrich  your marketing stack.

In parallel, we noticed something magnificent: This past month our product footprint reached a 34th country! We are proud to see the community grow day by day, and have call tracking and conversion attribution experts across the globe. This got us thinking about 

Nimbata Call Tracking experts ways to find an online channel so you can share and contribute your knowledge.

I believe we will have something to share soon that works for everyone!

What’s new?

1) Automation Rules

Automation Rules allow you to classify your leads automatically. You set which types of leads you want to focus on, and Nimbata will tag, and / or assign a value to the ones that meet your criteria. Learn more in this guide or test them out on your own here.

2) GA 4 Enhancements

Our GA 4 integration keeps getting better and better. You now have the power to set which parameters to send along with the event (including value and trigger name) as well as any custom parameter of your choice. Test them out here.

3) Multiple Triggers

You asked, and we listened. You now are not limited to a single trigger but have the ability to set multiple triggers on your integrations!

4) Various enhancements and fixes in reporting, views, and DNI

  • Destination Report Enhancement – By navigating to “Analytics – Destinations” you now have the ability to view calls per each destination set. As always you can also extract the data in .csv or .xls
  • Swap Groups – When adding a new number, Nimbata will ask you if you wish to add it to an existing swap group or if you wish to create a new one.
  • Additional Filters in Views – We love Views and can’t get enough. As such we added additional filters so you can create even more views with valuable data.
    • Source
    • Medium
    • Campaign
    • Click ID
    • Call Page

5)  Form Tracking

As promised, Nimbata is expanding lead attribution to forms, making it your go to platform when it comes to lead tracking. Some accounts may see form tracking already as an option, as it is gradually rolled out to all users.

Teasing Next Major Release🔥 

👉Enhancements on Call Handling Feature! Stay tuned!