Nimbata Product Update – March 2024

Nimbata Product Update - March 2024 Nimbata product updates cover march 2024

As usual, our platform has been updated with a host of new features.
Let’s explore them together!

March 2024 updates

  • Enhanced experience in Activity Views: We know you manage multiple clients or projects and typically switch between projects to view data. The recent enhancement allows you to keep the filter locked while browsing projects, without having to create the filters from scratch each time you switch projects.
  • Number formatting in bulk: Showing numbers in the format that matches that on your website is of utmost importance. When you have multiple tracking numbers it was a bit hectic to change the format one by one. We now added the option to massively update the number formatting with a single click. Find this under Tracking Numbers – number menu.
  • Support for Consent Mode v2 for Google Ads: Nimbata has your back during this transition. We performed the necessary changes in the API needed to include the additional information required when sending GCLIDs to Google Ads (no need to change anything from your end).
  • Zapier enhancement: You can now include Digits Pressed by caller if you use Zapier with Nimbata.
  • Block SPAM calls enhancement: Everybody hates spam. Some users reported receiving SPAM calls from Anonymous callers so we added the option to add Anonymous caller ID in the call spam filter. This will prevent anyone who calls with an Anonymous caller ID to connect with any of your tracking numbers.
  • Set Number Formatting at the account level: You can now choose how Caller ID, Destination, Tracking numbers show in your Activity view. Find this under “My account – Organization” settings.