Nimbata Product Update – June 2024

Nimbata Product Update June 2024

Remember Triggers and Automation rules?

Well, they had a baby, which combines the best of both worlds ๐Ÿ™‚

Say hello to Nimbata Automations!

Other Updates

  • Pre-call automations: You can now set-up events to fire before the call starts (e.g. Send UTMs to Salesforce before agent picks up the call.
  • Support for Sidekick browser: Not a very popular browser (yet) but it’s getting traction. Nimbata runs smoothly on the new Sidekick version.
  • Keyword Spotting: This is part of the automations. Nimbata allows you to set keywords you wish to spot in the transcription of the call and set what should happen (e.g. Send to google ads, tag as conversion, append value, etc
  • Copy and pasting in DNI section: You can now copy and paste without having to press Enter for the value to be saved.
  • URL Parameters available in filters: Self explanatory ๐Ÿ™‚
  • URL Parameters and Custom Fields available in Zapier: Always enhancing our native Zapier information with available fields.