Nimbata Product Update – July

Nimbata Product Update - July product updates cover 2

This month the torch was passed on from our dev team (btw great work guys!). As always, all of your tickets for new features are collected and being worked on, but this month we  prioritized and were able to deliver the following: API | Webhooks | UX/UI Design

API so you can perform actions in bulk

Have you ever wished to make any integration happen, or even manage every nimbata action via API? If this is the case, this product release will be your favorite one! 

With the API you can now manage Tracking numbers, Destinations, Brands, Tracking Sources and retrieve call details. This is still in beta, with new modules being added in each release, but you are free to play around and use it. See the Nimbata API in action! 

Data, data, data and oh! more data with Webhooks.

With nimbata webhooks you are free to send your call data to any custom endpoint you wish after a call has been received. 

Presenting the Nimbata Webhook! Check also this neat guide on how to set it up here.

Manage your Plans & Billing in an improved single view

This allows you to upgrade / downgrade your plan easily, check your plan rates and also gives you the ability to view and download your invoices – all from a single page! Hope you enjoy.

What next for nimbata?

Better look & feel of our core reports

(Will untie your hands in many ways)

Sending data made easy

(That’s a big one, I have already said enough)

New integration is coming

(hint: with your favorite 2022 app)