Nimbata Product Update – August

Nimbata Product Update - August 2

Our Dev and UX teams are still killing it! 💪🏼🔥

This month they successfully delivered a complete redesign of your favorite report which will untie your hands, 1 brand new native integration with the most used app of 2022, and an enhanced version of the HubSpot + nimbata integration!

New Features / Enhancements 📢

Call Activity Report

Call Activity report

From now on, all of your call activity data can be accessed under a single roof – the call Activity Report!

We know that this is the place where most of you spend most of your time listening to recordings, tagging calls, and seeing your caller and visitor data and this is why we enhanced this section to make it the go-to place for you, your team and your clients!

Clean and raw data for the tech-oriented audience, friendlier views for those who listen and tag calls.

Check out this guide and video that highlights the key features.

Slack Integration

It’s 2022, who isn’t a big fan of Slack? This integration is one of our favorites and we think that will be one of yours too.

It allows you to know exactly who called, from which campaign you are running (including your precious UTMs), and with only one click, you are now able to listen to the recording.


This way, even if you are not in the office, you can still “listen” to each and every call and know exactly where your callers find you.

Come on! Give it a spin. We are sure that you and your team will love it!

Addition of fields in Activity log and Integrations

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter the most, and sometimes the most obvious things can slip our minds.That’s why your feedback is so valuable!

A lot of you pointed out that the call recording link was missing as an option to the data we send in Hubspot.

You asked – we delivered. Now you have the link to the call in Hubspot!

Some others really wanted to see the landing page (not to be confused with the page the customer called from), in the available fields in our activity log.

Who are we to disappoint? Landing page is now included as an option.

What nimbata is up to? 💥

We are currently working on mastering the data game (That’s a big one, just wait until our next Product Update 😃)