Nimbata Product Update – October 2023

Nimbata October 2023 Product

October has been super busy for us with loads of new features available for you to explore.
I am very excited to share the new additions with you, so without further delay, let’s see what you can find in our latest release.

1. Email Summaries

This one has been a request from many of you. 

Daily  / Weekly / Monthly Email summaries that you can send to your clients, team-members or even yourself.
Customizable to tailor your needs and accessible under “My account – Email Preferences”.

Nimbata Call Summary Report

2. Server Side Tagging

Some of you are turning to server side tagging but this created a problem as Nimbata was unable to fetch the GA CID value from the cookie.
The only way was to keep using client-side tagging.
In this release you will find the “Server Side Tagging” tab available under the “Dynamic Number Insertion” menu. 
By enabling this, you can set from which cookie Nimbata should fetch the GA CID, while rippling the benefits of Server side tagging.

3. Tracking Number Grouping

Pool of numbers are now grouped allowing for an easier navigation. Groups of numbers can be updated and assigned call flows in bulk.

4. Download Multiple Call Recordings

Listening to call recordings is a goldmine when it comes to learning what your customers are talking about. In this release we added the option to download multiple recordings without having to go through them one-by-one. Find the “Export Recordings” option under the “Actions” menu in the Activity section.

5. Addition of Click ID in Triggers

Some of you correctly requested to include the “Click ID” attribute in Triggers. This is a quick way to filter calls that contain a click ID (GCLID, FBCLID, MSCLKID) which you might want to send to a connected integration.

6. Audio Waves in Caller Activity

 We included audio waves which help while listening to calls, revealing also the percentage of talk time between the caller and the agent. Find this by clicking on the wave button on the upper right of your call.
Below a sample from a call we received from the The Witch (Happy Halloween everybody!)

Nimbata Call Recording with audio waves - Halloween special

7. Numerous UI / UX / Performance updates

  • Activity Calls: Cleaner look and feel with subtle changes in where filters and buttons are located.
  • Dashboards & Reports: Change of color pallete, removed colors from the Summary section
  • Navigation: Tabs and navigation pills throughout the app have a cleaner look & feel
  • Upgrade to Laravel 10: Faster, better, more secure navigation of the app