New update: 5 Powerful Additions

New Update Release for Nimbata

These last weeks, things out there have been- and still are- challenging for people and businesses. However, we all should stay positive and work hard for the next days to come. At least, this is the path we follow at Nimbata.  

If you are a Nimbata user, you might have identified that we are constantly trying to improve the services we offer so as to stand up to your needs and expectations. 

Today is the day to share a bunch of good news with you- we think you need them more than ever!

An update release is now live at the Nimbata app. 

Our new version, which utilizes state-of-the-art technology, now comes with a more slick interface.  Our primary focus was to speed up the functionality of the app, to further enhance user experience. From now on, all Nimbata users will enjoy a faster loading time while navigating the app. 

In addition to this, we have implemented a few other amendments to facilitate some processes within the app and save your precious time.   Let’s see below the major changes you will come across while logging in to your Nimbata account:

1) Change or remove tracking numbers in bulk.

Now, you can handle your tracking numbers, not one by one, but in bulk. By using the checkboxes next to each tracking number, you can select them and click on the icons above to change or remove them altogether.  

Change or remove tracking numbers in bulk.

2) Remove destination numbers in bulk.

Similarly here, you can follow the same steps to remove destination numbers per brand. 

Remove destination numbers in bulk.

3) Copy or remove call flows in bulk, but also enable Nimbata’s add-ons in more tracking numbers at once.

Select the tracking numbers you want to copy or remove. With the same process you can enable the add-ons you wish for more than one number.

Copy or remove call flows in bulk.

4) Set up call tagging more easily.

At this section, we have simplified the call tagging setup as per the process below: 

  • Add tags by clicking on the “+ New Tag” button. 
  • Click on the new tag to name it and then confirm clicking on the check button. In case you want to cancel, you should click on the red button.
  • If you want to change the sequence of the tags in your dialpad, hover your mouse over the icon on the left and drag them upwards or downwards.
  • Once done with the setup, click on the “Save” button.

Of course, you still have the option to copy tags from other brands by clicking the “Copy From Brand” button and selecting from the drop-down menu the brand to copy tags from.

Set up call tagging more easily.

We kept THE BEST for the very end!

5) Our NEW FEATURE – The Customized Dashboard

This new addition comes to enable the way you process your callers’ data. Now you can tailor the dashboard in the Analytics section of the app according to your needs and preferences!  This means that you can get a clear overview of your account performance in a single page. Thus, you can focus on all these insights that matter the most for your business or clients at a certain period and look into them in more detail.   

Customize your dashboard.

To conclude, we firmly believe that this update release, will make a difference in your day to day workflow and hopefully will help you enjoy an increase in productivity!  At this point, we would like to remind you that your feedback is more than welcome since it helps us prioritize our next steps in terms of product development. 

So, feel free to share your thoughts by dropping us a line at

Unless you haven’t used Nimbata yet, now you have even more reasons to do it.