New and Enhanced Call Activity Report!

Our latest release comes with an exciting addition! Now all of your call activity data can be accessed under a single roof.

  • Call data?
  • Recordings?
  • Visitor data?
  • Tags?

Everything in a single report or even better split into custom, configurable views which you can share with your teammates and your clients!

But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. Let’s take it one step at a time (for those of you who like video – there’s a video version of this post at the end!)

The Call Activity Report

First things first. You can access the Call Activity Report under the menu “Activity – Calls”

Predefined and Custom Views

For those of you who were used to either the call log or the activity log, you’ll now notice that we introduced views!

Nimbata offers three predefined views:

  1. All Calls
  2. Answered Calls
  3. Voicemail

You are also free to add new views – tailored to your needs!

For example you may wish to have a dedicated view with “First Time Caller” data only.
Click on + Add View and give your view a name

The View now is added to your report and you can create the filters to show First Time Callers (more on filtering below)

All of the custom views you create are available under the “Add view section”, along with any views your colleagues have shared with you!


Each view can be filtered so it shows the data you want.

For instance for the “First Time Callers” view you would set the “All Callers or New” to New only.

Here is a list of the custom views I use which help me get a very detailed view of my call data.

In this example the filter for the Missed calls is simply:

You can also filter by date-frame by clicking on the date at the top of the screen


Here is where it becomes interesting! Under the Actions menu you can select which columns to show and configure the layout of the view! Essentially this is where you configure what and how it will show on your view.

Edit Columns

This is pretty straightforward as you can select which columns to show (on the right) and which not to show (left)

The columns are also draggable so you can rearrange which shows first and at which order!

View Options

As mentioned you can tailor each view to your needs. Sometimes you may wish to have just a raw log of your data, while other times you may wish to have a view which you use to listen to recordings and tag calls. The View options menu allows you to configure each view, with the options you need.

For example for my “Missed Calls” view I’ve chosen a raw log without giving the options to listen or edit the rows. It works as a clean view of how many calls where missed.

On the other hand the “Answered Calls” view is configured to allow for tagging and listening of calls, as well as advanced filtering. You can also select if you prefer expanding the row or having the data show as a pop up. Your choice!

This allows the team to listen to recordings, tag the call and keep notes.

Finally all views can be exported in XLSX or CSV form from the same menu by clicking on the Export Data link.


The new call activity report comes with many features and options, so you and your team can make the most out of your caller’s data.

We hope you enjoy!

As promised, here is the video version of this blog post