Nimbata – February Product Update 2023

February product update

February Product Update – What’s new?

2023 is shaping up to be an amazing year for digital marketing!
With new technologies and advancements in data analysis, we’re expecting to see even more growth and innovation in the industry.

As always, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest advancements in call and form tracking, so you can stay ahead of the game and take your lead attribution efforts to the next level. 💪

We are excited to announce the release of 9 new features for our February product update. Our team has been working tirelessly to enhance Nimbata’s capabilities and provide our users with a better experience. This release includes a range of new features that will make Nimbata more powerful, flexible, and user-friendly.
So, let’s get started and explore what we have in place for you as part of our February product update release!

1) GSheets Integration enhancement 

Logged out or want to tweak the GSheet integration settings?
Worry no more!
You can select the sheet you previously had linked so you continue sending data right where you left off!
Check it out here

2) SMS block 

Are your numbers receiving text messages which don’t really provide any value?
Temporarily turn them OFF or ON – depending on your needs.
Simply navigate to your brands section, click on the brand where you want to turn off SMS and flip the switch.
Easy as that!    

Nimbata - February Product Update 2023 image 1

3) Receive monthly invoice directly in your inbox 

This was requested by a lot of you, so we couldn’t disappoint.
No need to constantly check the Plans and Billing section for invoices.
From this day onward, and after a successful payment, you will also receive your invoice as an attachment in pdf form.

4) Email Notifications: Add multiple addresses in cc 

 Want to carbon copy an email address, or even yourself, on the email notifications you send?

 Head over to Email Notifications and set the email addresses you wish to be cced in the email.

5) Email Notifications: Include destination number as variable

Enhancement in the variables you can set at the subject line under E-mail Notifications.
You can now include the Destination Number or the Destination Number Friendly Name to be displayed in the subject line by using the following variables:



6) Create your own custom parameter for Nimbata to track

Nimbata now allows you to track any custom parameter you have in your URL and include it in the reports or send it to your desired app via the integrations!
Head over to “Lead Tracking – Tracking sources” and click on the “Add custom URL parameter” link on the upper right of your screen.
If your URL contains this parameter, Nimbata will also “fetch” this and attribute it back to call!

Nimbata - February Product Update 2023 image

7) Automation Rules & Triggers: Set rules with filters like Geo Prefix, UTM source / medium / campaign and custom URL parameter

Automation Rules and Integration triggers now give you the ability to create filters for the Geo prefix, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign or even any custom parameter that you’ve created!
Give it a go! I personally like to create a rule with utm_source=google and utm_medium=cpc and utm_campaign=XXX so I only send calls from a specific campaign in Google Ads (e.g. exclude branded campaigns!)

8) Copy Triggers on multiple brands

If you manage multiple brands in your account it may become tedious to create the same trigger each time for each of your brands.
We now introduced a way to copy a trigger you’ve created under one of your brands to other brands which you wish to have the same trigger!
As mentioned we know time is money – so go ahead and copy those triggers to any brands that may benefit from them 🙂

9) HubSpot & Salesforce Integrations got even better!

The principal use of a CRM is to store all your contacts.
But how sure are you that you’ve got everything?
By adopting call tracking and integrating the into your CRM you are able to have a new contact record for every new caller or update an existing recording with an added interaction!


This ramps up our February product update. Stay tuned for more insights, tips and strategies that will help you take your lead attribution efforts to the next level!