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Learn instantly which Keywords, Ads, and Campaigns make your phone ring

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Trusted daily by over +5000 Google Ads Experts from leading Brands and Agencies.

Create better Campaigns while staying on budget

Maximize your

Attribute each call to its campaign, attaching Sales Value to Call Conversions. Uncover high-converting campaigns, slash ad spend, and propel your ROI for unparalleled campaign success.

Optimize on
Quality Data

Clicks-to-call can really mess up your Performance. Capture only real conversations as conversions, feeding Google Ads with essential data for precision optimization in the right direction.

Access rich data for better insights

Conversations carry such rich and deep insights. Easily access Call Recordings to find new keyword opportunities, evaluate the quality of your calls, tag sales calls and import sales amount to Google Ads – unlock data beyond basic Google’s Call Reports.

Getting calls is more fun when you can
turn them into actual ROI

How Google Ads Experts leverage Nimbata

Know when and how much you should bid

Analyze your peek days and hours. Nimbata gives you isights on which days and hours your leads call you. Leverage this information to schedule your campaigns or bid higher on your peek hours.

Move to a value-based approach

Create a call conversion funnel by tagging and scoring calls, progressing from quality to sales. This strategy enhances Google Ads data, enabling the adoption of smart bidding strategies such as tROAS for superior results.

Remarket to hot leads

Do you get calls but the sales cycle is big? That’s not an issue at all. You can make every call count by remarketing on phone leads that are qualified but didn’t buy the first time. Simply tag them and import your filtered list to Google or Meta to reach your audience with high-quality campaigns and creatives.

Revive missed calls

We’re all human, and sometimes calls slip through. Make the call experience friendlier by adding a voicemail feature. Listening to voicemails in a single unified Missed Calls view gets your team prepared for impactful callbacks, increasing your chances to win over the lead.

Bring automation to lead generation

Google Ads is simply a tool, you are the person that turns into strategy.

HubSpot Call Tracking Integration
When a new lead is generated create contact to HubSpot
Slack Integration
When a new sales call happen, give Kudos 🎉 to Marketing Team
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Update Offline Conversion when call has Sales Value
When there is a missed call from Ads tag as: “Urgent Follow Up”
If Survey Entry = 1 tag call as “Appointment” and assign $50 value.

What makes Nimbata unique:

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Markellos Diorinos
CEO @Bryq

“Love their instant messenger thingy”


You can rest assured that ghosting is not our thing. Our support team is equipped with Call Tracking Experts ready to answer any of your questions 24/7.

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Pricing Model

We have created a unique pricing model that helps everyone grow. Paying per answered call, helps you save more of your marketing budget and decrease drastically your invoice even up to 70%.

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René Hanli
Marketing Strategist @Vezzlemedia

“It’s quick and easy to set up and doesn’t need troubleshooting. Once it’s set up, it works!”


Starting trials on software you need and wondering what’s next is such a turn off – that’s why we have put all our effort to make Nimbata the tool that simplifies Call Tracking.

Here’s what people say about us…

Trust us their words are gold

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Rene Hanli
Digital Marketing Specialist at Vezzlemedia

What you wanted other call tracking providers to be.  The customer service from Nimbata might be the best I’ve gotten from any company”


Steven Laff
Marketing Agency Owner at AFSB

” We have used several companies in this space, most recently CallRail, which unfortunately kept getting worse…. [Nimbata] has been our best decision in the call tracking space in over a decade.

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Markellos Diorinos
CEO at Bryq

” Great customer support – love their instant messenger thingy …Finally we can calculate ROI on click-to-call ads”


Dinesh Kumar
Business Owner at 55places

“Nimbata excels in integrating with various APIs, allowing seamless connections with existing business software.”

Supercharge Google Ads with Call Tracking capterra

Tino Umo
Agency owner at Searchgage

Nimbata’s per-call cost significantly reduced our call tracking expenses by 70% in comparison to other platforms out there


Adrien Lafranchi
Business owner at Soshome

Much better than calltrackingmetrics…[Nimbata is] really easy to use, the support service is just amazing, i think the best i’ve seen.”

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Nimbata is a leader in Small-Business Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2