Nimbata vs CallTrackingMetrics

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Looking for a CTM alternative? - Meet nimbata

Designed for Marketers by Marketers, with UX and simplicity in mind.
New features and UX/UI enhancements are rolling out regularly to make your marketing life easier.
+13.000 Marketers have eliminated their guesswork - with nimbata
nimbata vs calltrackingmetrics


…focus on the ease of setup and use; also…customer support is always available to resolve any possible issues.

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which is important when you're juggling multiple tasks as a business owner.

…using Nimbata for a few months now, and I really like its features and functionality.

The top-notch customer support always helps me set up new client accounts fast and effectively.

the responsiveness of the support team, no matter the day and time I need help.

Their payment model is what initially attracted us to give it a try. …other trackers’ invoices were eating into our profits.


CTM is complex... The amount of hoops and "gotchas" to set up a simple number pool is horrifying.

This is the most convoluted and challenging to use software; … finding the menu or options you need is not quick and easy.

Awkward layout, fields can't be moved , too many steps to do anything.

Porting the numbers we had seemed to be a never ending process.

... errors and system issues, and the fact that there is no 24 hour IT technician on duty

If your goal is to track inbound calls, you are better off going with any other software.

Need more? - A detailed comparison of Nimbata to CallTrackingMetrics

All the reasons to ditch your old, user unfriendly vendor
nimbata. CallTrackingMetrics
Free Trial (no credit card needed)
Best for Marketers & Agencies Call Centers
Pricing aligned to # of leads you get
Cost of lead Per Answered Call Per Talking Minutes
Number Porting only US & CA
Automation Rules
Automation Rules is a must-have feature for better lead handling, and automatic classification and categorization of calls. With automation rules, you can classify leads based on behavioral criteria like duration, direction, source, or campaign.
HubSpot Integration at Growth plan
Call Activity Views
Call Activity views are filters that you can apply for better and easier analysis, saving you time and effort.
Dedicated Call Tracking Experts

Better for Converting Leads into Customers

Transfer your existing client setup and call tracking numbers is your right, and we take on all the effort!

Hassle-free Migration

Onboarding Support

No extra document

No extra effort

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Want help with migration?

Like we said, support is our thing!

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Beyond features - See why our customers
choose us over CallTrackingMetrics and any other competitor

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