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Dear fellow nimbatan,

We’re thankful to keep growing, thanks to every one of you. For this, we wanted to offer a little something to thank you! And we have 1+ 100 things to offer.

We talked to fellow marketers and compiled a guide on the most effective yet easy-to-follow tactics to thrive in the recession and get your clients to keep running ads, financial crisis or not.

Emails like this typically ask you to download. Sure, here is the link if you want it. But there is more that will get you free leads.

For every nimbata user who helps us share the word, we will reward 100 answered calls* (conditions apply) .

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Also, we may need to check that the social post with the guide was published (via a public link – or screenshot, if your account is private)



We will credit 100 answered calls from the invoice of the next billing period.
Confirmation steps may be requested

To be eligible for the offer you need to be an active nimbata user (in a trial or paid plan). 100 leads means 100 answered calls as reported by nimbata. To claim the 100 answered calls, nimbata will need to verify you performed the advised steps of participation. This may include verifying the username on your social profile and/or seeing your profile in our follower list and/or verifying that the post was shared. This offer is valid until 31/01/2023, and offer needs to be used within 1 billing period.


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