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Get data and conversion accuracy
with integration triggers

Use Integration Triggers to set rules based on caller behavior for sending call data to your favorite tools.

Criteo Coming Soon

Deliver better campaigns with enhanced audience retargeting.

Google Ads

Discover which campaigns, ads, and keywords produce high-value conversions.

Google Analytics

Add call conversions to Google Analytics and find out where your true leads are.


Create contacts or update existing ones automatically when your phone rings.


Build richer audience insights and refine targeting with high intent call events.

Looker Studio

Push call conversions to Looker, get the full picture in one marketing report.

Google Sheets

Combine insights from different lead sources and create powerful reports.


Sync your call activity automatically and view all information directly within Salesforce.

Microsoft Ads

See which campaigns, ad groups and keywords make your customers call you.


Handle your phone leads on time and collaborate efficiently with your team.


Send your inbound Call Activity to any Web Application, Service or Reporting System.


Enable Call Attribution using nimbata plugin, no extra code needed.

Zoho CRM

Create new contacts or update existing ones automatically when your phone rings.


Use Zapier to connect nimbata with 1000s of Marketing, Sales and CRMs tools.

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