Nimbata is a Top-10 vendor in Martech Report for Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms

martech report

The end of the cookie era is here and this means it will become more difficult to see and analyze where prospects or web visitors are coming from and how they’ve interacted with your brand, products, or offer. To help B2B and B2C marketers, Third door media has published the 10th edition of MARTECH INTELLIGENCE REPORT: Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms: A marketer’s Guide” in which Nimbata is featured as a Top 10 vendor of call tracking and analytics technology.  In this post, we’ll outline important report takeaways for digital marketing pros and ad experts managing brands, and what they can expect in this evolving space. To read the full report, download your copy here.

What is the Martech Report on Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms?

The MARTECH INTELLIGENCE REPORTs by Third Door Media are comprehensive guides aimed at helping marketers evaluate, select, purchase, and implement key marketing technology solutions. Specialist Editors conduct research on the growing market, vendors plus the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges. The Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms report is in its 10th edition and is specifically designed for marketers “seeking to optimize inbound phone calls, rather than those looking to create operational efficiencies in the call center.”

martech report

Key takeaways for Marketing Agencies and Marketing professionals at Brands

“85% of marketers believe inbound calls are a key component of their organization’s
digital-first strategies, according to Forrester Research. In addition, 84% of marketers report that phone calls convert at a higher rate and with larger average order sizes when compared to other engagement channels.”
Martech Intelligence Report: 2023 Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms

This recognizes that while marketing teams used to rely heavily on ad tech platforms, they are increasingly planning for marketing campaigns whose goal is to engage prospects and customers beyond form submissions and chat responses.

Martech report highlights that Nimbata “helps marketers and agency professionals see and manage better converting lead types, namely those with higher intent and those that call businesses. The platform works to improve campaigns, reduce acquisition costs, optimize budgets and make business revenue rise.”

How you can use the report?

The Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms Marketers Guide is a really useful tool that helps marketers and executives focus on the shortlist of vendors in the marketing attribution space offering critical capabilities across call tracking, call analytics and call conversion attribution. We recommend that, when conducting an evaluation for call tracking and call conversion attribution, buyers consider the unique goals of their business to prioritize what matters to them.

If you’re a Google Ads expert or a digital marketer who needs call analytics, call add-ons, and lead routing in one place, this report shows that Nimbata is a top choice. For B2C and B2B marketing leaders who want to optimize the performance of their digital channels, Nimbata leads with a product offering that goes “beyond call tracking”, enabling you to target audiences and reduce acquisition costs.

What’s next in digital advertising and customer engagement

The report touched on several essential to have capabilities for targeted, data-driven marketing strategies such as call tracking, call recording, scoring, and call or lead routing, as well as fraud prevention. At the same time, it also highlights the more advanced or emerging capabilities that will define success, such as:

  • Multi-touch attribution (MTA);
  • Intelligent lead qualification, scoring and routing;
  • Native social analytics integration;
  • SMS integration/analytics;
  • Data privacy compliance; and
  • Third-party software integration.

When you look beyond the old-world where digital marketing was filled with 3rd party cookies, there are additional opportunities for marketers. For example, call data have become more valuable in brand efforts when it comes to filling the gap between offline and online channel data. The most overlooked capability of call tracking solutions is their ability to stay ahead in what is happening in the cookies space, provide accurate data to essential tools in a marketers tech stack, and humanly hands-on support.

As Marketers and PPC professionals become inundated with offerings, being promised a wealth of data, being able to set up quickly or configure easily to fit your needs while offering a price that charges per answered call (instead of per minute) can make all the difference. These capabilities and the impact pricing has on ad campaign costs were not evaluated in the report in detail, although customers who switch to nimbata keep citing these as the reasons they make the switch.

Ease of use and technology pricing that better aligns with the value and structure of marketing campaigns are the reasons marketers select to switch nimbata, resulting in our recognition as Top 10 Vendor in the 2023 Enterprise Call Analytics Platform MarTech report.