Lead Management

Organize, Filter and score your leads all in one place

Track and convert potential customers into paying clients with Nimbata' rich lead-management features. Streamline your lead gen process, organize quality leads and efficiently nurture them through the sales funnel. Improve their sales productivity, reduce missed opportunities, and increase overall revenue.
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Filter and Export Leads

We make it easy for you to filter and export your leads in real-time. Review your progress or share a report with clients.

Target your marketing efforts to specific segments of your audience
Easily analyze large sets of data to identify trends and patterns
Qualify leads and prioritize your efforts
Integrate with other tools like CRM software for streamlined sales processes
Share data with other teams and departments for better collaboration

Automation Rules

Our automation rules help you tag, assign a value to and send your incoming call data to your favorite CRM and advertising tools.

With just a few simple steps, you can set up rules that automatically assign conversions, based on criteria you specify.

Have a clear understanding of which campaigns are producing the best results and where to invest your resources in the future, better understand your leads and to make more informed decisions.

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Lead Management Form Tracking

Form Tracking

Collect and identify qualified leads that are ready to convert and get the most our of every marketing dollar.

By combining form tracking with call tracking, you obtain a complete understanding of your lead activity from acquisition all the way down to after sales and support.

Discover how many submissions convert into paying customers. By attributing closed revenue back to specific campaigns and channels, you can understand the role of forms in the customer journey and determine which sources are driving high-quality leads, such as PPC. Make even more informed marketing decisions with better form reporting.


Let your leads reach you even whey they are not able to talk. Receive an email when you get a new SMS or respond to it directly from your Nimbata portal.

Track your SMS messages like forms and calls, and discover which marketing channel drove the conversation.

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Lead Management Call Flows

Smart Call Routing

Use real time call routing options to personalize conversations, filter intent and to never leave another missed sales opportunity behind.

Convert more leads in to paying customers

No credit card required – No software to install