Call Tracking with Webhooks

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Call tracking with Webhooks
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Webhooks Call Tracking


Webhooks are a way for web applications to communicate with each other in a real-time manner. They facilitate integrations between different applications or platforms. For instance, a CRM system can use webhooks to receive updates from an external helpdesk system, ensuring both systems stay synchronized.

Integration Overview

Nimbata’s Call tracking with Webhooks allow you to sync and share your call data to a desired endpoint whenever your business or client receives a call. You can customize which data points are sent, such as: Call Duration, Caller ID, Call Outcome, UTM Campaign and more.

Use Cases

Things you can do when using Webhooks with Nimbata include:

  • Send data to your favorite Reporting Tools.
  • Enrich your Customers’ Insights with call data in every CRM platform.
  • Gather all your customer insights in one place
  • Monitor your call data in real time by triggering
How to Get Started with Webhooks
  • Create a Free Nimbata Account
  • Integrate with your custom endpoint by entering the URL. Nimbata will send HTTP requests to this specific URL.
  • Choose the call data you wish to receive
  • Test your integration and start triggering the communication between nimbata and your custom endpoint!

Any Questions?

If you need help setting up Nimbata for Webhooks, make sure to check out this article or you can request a demo to help you with setting up the integration.

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