Industries Listings

Directories and Marketplaces.

For brands running directory and marketplace services, showing customers how many phone leads were generated is fundamental in accurately proving the return on their investment. Nimbata provides directories and marketplaces with powerful attribution tools for capturing online to offline activity so that they can foster and grow the relationship with their clients.

prove ROI to your customers

Learn which listings, placements or properties generate call traffic for your clients!

Positioning and Placement

Get more from premium subscriptions by accurately demonstrating the value of each listing or property.

Keep Customers Happy

Subscription, pay per call, pay per lead, other? Support and grow your relationship by showing customers a better ROI.

Deeper Insights

Understand which keywords or specialties contribute the most in making your clients' phones ring.

Nimbata Call Analytics

Call tracking insights at your fingertips.

Better Attribution

Attribute for calls occurring after the first click on ensuing journeys to your customers' individual sites.

Smart Routing

Offer your customers flexible options on how they receive calls (such as time of day routing or whispers) and enhance their satisfaction.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor and analyze your customers' call activity. Obtain new insights on where the phone channel is most valuable.


Learn how nimbata can help you build your relationship with your clients!