Set Up Nimbata in 4 easy steps [+Video Guide]

Setup Nimbata

Introduction – How to Set Up Nimbata

Hello there!

You are probably here because you want to learn how to set up your Nimbata account or ensure that you’ve nailed it on your own.

Let’s jump right to it 🤙

Today’s mission: Add a tracking number and set it to ring to your desired destination!

Follow me on this step by step guide, where I show you how to set up Nimbata and get your first tracking number ringing!

How to Set Up Nimbata – Video version

Step #1 : Acquire Tracking Number(s)

First things first.

Just so as to be on the same page, let’s start with what a tracking number is and what it does.

(If you already know skip to the last part of this section)

What is a tracking number and what does it do?

Call Tracking Phone Numbers or simply call tracking numbers, are numbers used by businesses and marketers to track and measure the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing campaigns.

These numbers are unique to each campaign and are assigned to specific marketing channels such as TV, radio, print ads, and online ads.

These numbers not only forward calls to your business’ regular number or mobile number, with no change in the process whatsoever, but with Nimbata you can even record calls or play whispers to agents prior to answering the call, or create different routes based on your needs (e.g. during the weekend or the hours out of office forward all calls to voicemail, or with advanced call routing you can route a caller to the agent that has spoken before to personalize conversations and enhance the customer experience.

It is pretty easy to acquire tracking numbers, in fact it will only take you a few minutes, just follow the steps bellow.

  • From the menu click on Tracking -> Numbers -> Add+
  • Choose where you are going to show this number, so clients can call you
Add Nimbata Tracking Numbers step 1
  • Let’s assume you wish to track calls from visitors landing on your website. Choose the first option – All online sources (you can choose any other source and continue in the same way).
Add Nimbata Tracking Numbers step 2
  • Select how many numbers you wish to acquire and click Next
  • Find the prefix that matches that of your current number or the one you wish to acquire
Add Nimbata Tracking Numbers step 3
  • Click on Next to add the destination that should receive calls.
Add Nimbata Tracking Numbers step 4
  • Good job! You now have one or more tracking numbers! Let’s go to step #2 to set what should happen when someone calls these numbers

Step #2: Tell Nimbata where to route the call

Time to set up where those phone calls will be forwarded to. You can choose to have calls forwarded to a specific store location, a call center, or even a mobile phone number. And the customer’s experience on this is completely seamless. They will interact with these tracking numbers, in the same way as they do with your existing phone number. In addition to this, the devices that phone calls are routed to can be changed on a minute by minute basis.

  • Go to Tracking > Call Flows and click on the “+” symbol at the right bottom of your screen.
  • Start adding the call flow actions you want to include in your call flow. You can go minimal by only adding the destination number under “Dial” or you can add add-ons like recording, greetings, whisper.

Set Up Nimbata in 4 easy steps [+Video Guide] screenshot 2023 12 17 at 92601 gt0d94

For Example, in this Call Flow, I’ve set up Keypad Entry to direct the call to Support (a two-person team, which is why I chose the Multiple Call Routing option) if the caller presses 0. If the caller presses 1, the call will be routed to the Secretary for appointment booking.

Set Up Nimbata in 4 easy steps [+Video Guide] image 42m3uf

Step 3. Go to Tracking > Numbers to assign the call flow you’ve just created. You can assign the call flow at either the Swap Group Level or the Tracking Number Level.

Set Up Nimbata in 4 easy steps [+Video Guide] screenshot 2023 12 17 at 95114 1a4ykfy

🎉 That’s it. From now on, when someone gives a ring to the tracking number, they’ll smoothly follow the process you’ve just set up!

Step #3: Place the tracking number(s) on the marketing asset you wish to track

Final step on your quest to set up Nimbata is to assign the tracking numbers to the specific marketing channel(s) you want to track. Once a phone number has been connected to a particular marketing source, any call generated from that source will be tracked.

Let’s say for example you wish to track calls from a Google Ads extension.

Simply place the number in Google Ads as the extension and you are good to go!

Pro Tip!

The goal of using Call Extensions is to persuade your potential customers to call you before clicking to your ad. With that being said, keep in mind that the richer your ad is in terms of information given, the more likely is for your potential customers to call you. Also, don’t forget that you are not alone out there, you are competing with others, so the first impression really matter.

Below we have 2 ads triggered by the same keyword “free immigration lawyer new york” – who would you call? 🤙
Call extension Lawyer Example

Step #4: Place the Nimbata code on your website for dynamic number swapping

Statically placing numbers on marketing assets and channels may only reveal the half part of the picture.

Imagine you place the number on your website and visitors start calling.

Where did those callers come from?

Was it a Google ad, a Facebook ad or an organic visit that drove them to your website and made them call?

Nimbata’s DNI tracking code allows you to attribute each call back to the visit that drove it!

nimbata - dni tracking

Step 1: Go to Tracking > Tracking Code
Step 2: Configure your script. You can make changes such as number swapping, attribution, cookie duration, and page exclusions, and activate the Single Page Application (SPA) option. Feel free to make the changes that meet your business needs.
Step 3: Publish your Script. You can use Google Tag Manager or via HTML or our WordPress plugin to activate dynamic call tracking.
Step 4: Test that the number on your website is dynamically swapped with the tracking numbers in your pool.

Conclusion: Nimbata Set Up Finished🤙

Congrats! 🥳

Your Nimbata setup is all done!

Now you are going to enjoy the fruits of your “labor”- metaphorically speaking of course! Nimbata makes it simple to analyze data with a range of dashboards and reports, while you can also use filters to isolate key data points. Most importantly you can determine which of your marketing sources are delivering prospects and sales.

…or is it? 🤨

Nimbata also integrates with many other popular applications, among Google Ads and Google Analytics. By integrating Nimbata with Google Ads you can immediately view phone calls as conversions within your Google Ads dashboard. Call conversions will be automatically attributed to the correct campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. 

Integrating with Google Analytics only takes a few minutes and once complete you can see within your dashboard which sources are generating phone calls.

Now you know how easy it is to set up Nimbata and how useful it is to finely target your marketing, there is really no excuse! You can try Nimbata for free, without even providing your credit card details. So why not see what a difference having call tracking in place can have for your business?