How To Optimize a Landing Page For Calls

Optimize a landing page for calls

Optimize a Landing Page for Calls – Our go-to practices

Customers nowadays want to have multiple options when it comes to contacting a business. Here are some actionable tips that will convert website visitors into calling customers.

We strongly recommend A/B testing the following tips and find what works best for you.

1. Phone number appearance – Font, Size, Color

When it comes to designing Landing Pages you have to make sure that single elements work well together. 

Since you want to get more customers calls, you have to highlight your phone number by selecting a font & font-size that are easily readable and a colour that provides a nice contrast with the background. 

Our Suggestions:

  • Font: Droid Serif
  • Size: 18px
  • Colour: Depends on your background colour. Our favorite option is White on a dark-coloured background.
Optimize a landing page for calls

2. Avoid confusing customers with multiple CTAs

That’s a well known general rule for landing page optimization and also applies on phone call conversions. Make it easy for them to choose. 
If you want to provide more than one Call-To-Action for your customers, this article might help you create a secondary CTA without distracting a reader’s attention.

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Our suggestions: 

  • Use different CTAs throughout your Landing Page and make sure that no more than 2 different CTAs are visible at the same time.
  • Consider changing the style of your CTAs in order to prioritize your main “Call Us” button.
  • Here is our full guide on CTAs: 7 CTA Examples That Your Visitors Can’t Help But Click

3. Position your phone number on an easy to find spot

Your customer did his research, read your content and now that he’s educated he wants to move forward on the buyer journey. 

In the era of 8-second attention span we have to be exactly where our customers want to go. 

Make sure that finding your contact information won’t take more than a few seconds to find.

Our Suggestions:

  • Place your telephone number on a fixed header that follows the reader as he scrolls through.
  • If your customers face an AHA! moment, they’ll call without a second thought.

4. Optimize Call Us CTA for mobile

2 out of 3 mobile users say they are more likely to buy a product or service when they visit a mobile-friendly site. Imagine a potential customer who just clicked on your ads and landed on one of your Landing pages. 

Our goal is to make him call us so we can establish a relationship. 

That might be harder to do on mobile since the display area is way smaller. On the other hand, customers already have a phone device on their hand and calling is just a click away.

Our Suggestions:

  • Take advantage of the fact that the customer is one click away from calling you. 
  • Make it as easy as possible by using a clickable Call Us button along with a crystal clear offer. Use a copy that peaks their curiosity without revealing all the answers.

5. Click-to-Call

Our Suggestions:

  • This is the easiest and fastest tip to apply on this list and also the most effective. 
  • Market research shows that adding a Click-to-call button can lead up to 200% increase in call conversions rates.
  • Here’s a quick guide on how to make your phone number clickable in a few minutes.
How To Optimize a Landing Page For Calls clicktocall 1

6. Use local area numbers

Establish trust and local presence by using local area phone numbers. 

When initially building a relationship with your customers, location is the first common ground. 

Our Suggestions:

  • If you’re targeting a location where you don’t have any offices, consider using a local phone number and forward the call to your main office.
How To Optimize a Landing Page For Calls location

Conclusion: What should I do now?

When it comes to marketing optimization, there is no such thing as one solution fits all. A great place to start is A/B testing what works for your landing pages. 

You can do this by manually acquiring different phone numbers, applying the tips mentioned above and forward calls to your main number. Track which number generates the most total customer calls and you’ll find your silver bullet.

Now you know what to do to optimize a landing page for calls. Nimbata’s free trial offers 2 numbers so you can start A/B testing right away!

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