Simplified Call Tracking in GA 4: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Does Nimbata integrate with Google Analytics 4?

This is a question we get quite a lot lately!

The short and easy answer is YES 🙂

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As you all know Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Google urges all marketers to prepare in advance by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property.

Nimbata is proud to be one of the very few call tracking platforms to integrate with Google Analytics and track calls in GA 4. 💪 I’ve personally set this up for our own account and the results have been amazing so far (once you get the hang of events and conversions in GA4 you will never want to go back to Universal Analytics).

I prepared this video for you to show you how easy it is to set this up and track calls in GA 4. Enjoy!

Looking for the advanced version of this article?

How to track calls in GA 4

Below is a list of the parameters we send along with the event: 

  • Event Name
  • Page location
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Campaign
  • Device
  • Country
  • UA (User Agent)
  • Duration (in seconds)
  • Call Outcome

Once you receive the first event, remember to also mark it as a conversion!

Hope you enjoy – and remember, use the comment section below for any questions you have!

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