Facebook Call Tracking: Now simpler than ever!

Facebook Call Tracking: Now simpler than ever! Facebook Integration with Nimbata

Is there any marketer or business that turned their back to Facebook advertising or at least didn’t test it for once? Barely a few, most possibly.   

Facebook is provenly a medium that enjoys increasing popularity over the last decade, holding the title of the biggest social media platform on a global scale. According to Statista, in the first quarter of 2020, there were more than 2.6 billion monthly active users on the social network. This is why a great many businesses leverage its power to bring their products and services in front of millions of eyes, locally or globally. It is indicative that the advertising spend on the platform for 2019 was almost 9.9 billion U.S. dollars, with an upward trend compared to 2018. 

In addition to this, the implementation of the “Call Now” button some years ago gave a boost to phone leads and sales. Therefore, conversions that occurred over the phone should be included in the attribution puzzle… 

Until recently, Nimbata users could track phone leads and sales from their Facebook ads by static or dynamic tracking, and monitor performance in our analytics dashboard. However, for those who needed to tie calls with specific clicks in their Ads Manager, the process was a bit time-consuming, making data exports, creating pivots, etc. But thanks to our recent Facebook integration, all these belong to the past! 

Enter Facebook call tracking!

From now on, you can view your call conversions directly within Facebook. Find out in real-time which of your Facebook campaigns and ads are sending phone leads to your business, directly in Ads Manager! Analyze both clicks and calls and turn significant insights into actions to maximize your social media marketing potential- spending budget where it’s worth to be invested. 

Facebook Call Tracking
View Calls in Your Facebook Ads Manager

Your View-through Conversions come into the play

Our Facebook Integration not only saves you time from switching between platforms to monitor your media buying performance but offers something more! It’s called View-through Conversions. 

View-through Conversions occur when your leads see one of your Facebook ads, they don’t click immediately but place a call later on- within the attribution window (by default your attribution window is set to 1-day view and 28-day click). 

Once you Integrate Nimbata with your Facebook ad account, the Impressions column in your Ads Manager will populate with your view-through conversions. This will help you attribute calls to those specific Facebook ads that motivated users to pick up the phone and act. 

Create Facebook Audiences

What is more, through our Facebook Integration you can automatically sync your Custom Audiences- the ones created by the calls Nimbata records- to your Facebook Ads Manager and use them to create Lookalike Audiences. As such, you can better target users that their profiles match your callers or even use those audiences for retargeting purposes.  

Before you begin

First, ensure that you have admin access to a Facebook Business Manager and a Facebook ad account. 

Now let’s see step by step how you integrate Nimbata with Facebook Ads Manager: 

  • Head to “Setup – Integrations” in the Nimbata app.
  • Under Integrations select “Facebook”.
Nimbata's Integrations
  • Click on the Button labeled “Login with Facebook”. 
"Login With Facebook" button
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
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  • Click on the “OK” button to grant Nimbata access to your Facebook ads. 
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  • A confirmation message will inform you that your account has been successfully connected.
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  • From the drop-down menu select the Ad Account and the Facebook Pixel ID. 
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  • To share your Facebook Pixel ID with Nimbata, click on the hyperlink or visit “Facebook Business Manager -> Business Settings -> Data Sources -> Pixels -> Partners”.
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  • Navigate to “Assign Partners”.
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  • Enter the following Business Partner ID  mceclip11.png, enable the switch “Manage Pixel” and click on “Next”. 
Facebook Call Tracking: Now simpler than ever!
  • In the Facebook Partners’ tab, you will see a pending request, sent to Nimbata. 
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  • Once the partnership request is accepted, you will receive a Facebook notification. 
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  •  Now, Nimbata is listed as a partner for this specific Pixel ID. 


  • Next, go back to the app and select from the drop-down menu the Pixel you shared with Nimbata. 
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  • Enable the switch “Push Data to Facebook” and select which calls should be included.
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That’s it! Your Facebook Ads account will be populated once a day with call conversions from Nimbata!

We hope that our Facebook integration will enhance your experience with Nimbata, enabling you to monitor your performance more easily and most importantly save you time to focus on growing your business!

To those of you who are running Facebook Ads but haven’t leveraged yet the power of Call Analytics, test Nimbata free for 14 days and see the difference it can make in your PPC campaigns!