Dynamic Call Tracking: How To, Use Cases, and Best Tools in 2024

Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking based on Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Technology, is the method of displaying unique phone numbers on a website, based on a set of predefined rules according to the sources you wish to track. By adding a DNI script on your website, tracking numbers dynamically swap the number on your website and report the source of each call. Simply put, a visitor who clicked on a Google Ad will view a different number than a visitor who engaged organically.

In any case, the customer’s experience is completely seamless. They will interact with these tracking numbers, in the same way as they do with your existing phone number.

So, to put it even simpler, DNI carries all the information you need to track visitors on an individual basis and determine which marketing initiatives drive high-quality leads.

Once you recognize where your leads are generated, you can significantly increase your efforts to get a higher return on your investment in digital marketing campaigns.

How Call Tracking Works:

Call Tracking is the method that allows you to track marketing activities that drive calls to your business. This is done by pairing what we call a phone tracking number, with a source you wish to track i.e. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Newsletters, Offline ads, etc. These numbers forward calls to your business, with no change in the process whatsoever, allowing you to even record calls or play whispers to agents prior to answering the call.

Understand Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI):

nimbata - dni tracking

Dynamic Number Insertion(DNI) is a tracking code added to your website properties. This script is responsible for swapping your site’s existing phone numbers with those tracking numbers tied to the sources you want to track.

In action, Dynamic Number Insertion(DNI) allocates a unique phone number to each source e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Newsletters, Offline ads, etc, allowing you to track online and  offline attribution.

Importance of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

If we assume that Call Tracking is an ecosystem, then DNI is this little thing that makes the whole ecosystem functional. Not only allows you to track your callers in detail but also helps you understand who your customer is. So, what can you achieve with Dynamic Call Tracking? 

Visitor-level Tracking

Unlike static call tracking, dynamic call tracking allows visitor-level tracking. Visitor – level tracking is suitable for companies that gather and analyze data at the user level i.e. the visitor’s journey before, during and after a call.

How does it work?

Each time a customer visits your website, he will be assigned a tracking number from your pool of tracking numbers. This means that each visitor sees a unique phone number the entire time he navigates your website. When he leaves, we free up this phone number so it can be re-assigned to your next visitor.

DNI collects all the information you need to track a caller’s behavior, while is responsible to do the dynamic number swapping on your website!

What data can you track?

Visitor tracking gives you plenty of information, here is all the data that you can gather:

Call AttributionVisitor-level DataPhone Call Data
Source Type (Google PPC, Google Organic, referrals from yelp.com, etc.)Caller IDs and Caller NamesDuration of the call
Campaign, Adgroup, Ad AttributionNew vs Repeat CallerTalk Minutes
Keywords (for all PPC)Country, State, City of callersVoicemails
Which landing page drives the most callsCaller NamesRecordings
Referring domainsPage Views and VisitsDate and time of the call
Custom Click Ids for A/B TestingCaller Journey and touchpoints before, after, during the callsCall Tracking Number Called

Budget Savings

As a result of the above, dynamic call tracking helps you track all your visitors and campaigns without acquiring hundreds of numbers. That’s because DNI recycles idle tracking numbers, reducing the amount of tracking numbers needed.

Better SEO results

DNI allows you to understand which landing pages are performing better. This enables marketers to focus on the top converting landing pages and further optimize them.

Go Global!

Dynamic Call Tracking not only enhances your local activities, but also helps you target audiences across whole countries. With toll-free numbers, your callers will instantly feel familiar with your country-wide number instead of seeing a prefix that belongs to an area that’s far from them

Better Conversion Rates

DNI collects all the info you need for your marketing strategy so choosing what works better for you, becomes an easy decision to make. By quickly understanding which keywords, pages and audiences are driving calls , you can, easily determine which campaigns generate the most leads.

Enhancing Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Dynamic call tracking helps you understand the customer journey across multiple channels. By assigning unique phone numbers to each marketing channel, you can track your audience’s journey from the first point of contact to the final conversion. This data can:

  • Help you understand which channels are driving the most conversions.
  • Enable you to optimize your multichannel marketing strategy for improved customer engagement.
  • Support you in creating a more seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

With these insights, you can deliver a more consistent and personalized customer experience, fostering greater customer loyalty and boosting your bottom line.

How does Dynamic Call Tracking work?

Marketers can utilize this technique to see which campaigns are generating inbound phone calls. It can also be utilized to keep track of how well and at what rate your marketing efforts are progressing. Individual phone numbers are shown on the landing pages of specific marketing sources.

DNI Call Tracking setup appears to be a complicated process, but it is relatively simple. The setup includes adding a JavaScript line to your website pages and connecting phone numbers with different lead sources. The script will determine the lead’s source or principal location and then show a pre-configured phone number to the visitor, allowing you to trace the source.

It’s a simple concept. An ad or lead source has a unique phone number linked to it. Any additional calls to that number can be traced back to the advertisement. If only a few references never change, this approach works effectively. Most marketing experts work on a broader scale with hundreds of various lead sources, which necessitates allocating vast numbers of phone numbers, which is expensive.

DNI : How to Get Started with nimbata
Are you all set to step up your marketing efforts?

Publish our pixel on your site using Google Tag Manager, our official WordPress Plugin, or directly with a brief one-line code snippet. This will dynamically swap your site’s existing phone numbers with one of your tracking numbers.

And this is how nimbata. works.

When a user visits your website, Nimbata uses a unique code to follow them.

That will keep an eye on them and their marketing and lead information.

When they become a lead, Nimbata sends all of that user’s lead and marketing data to your CRM. Nimbata will then track that user till they convert into a sale. The revenue data related to that user will then be scraped by Nimbata and sent back to your selected marketing apps.

As a result, income will automatically be credited to the appropriate channels, campaigns, and keywords without you having to do anything.

You can also schedule a demo with the professional staff members to get started with dynamic numbers. We’ll provide you with the insights you need to work smarter rather than harder.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Needs

Selecting the right dynamic call tracking tool requires a careful assessment of your business’s specific requirements. Start by defining your goals: Are you looking to improve your marketing ROI, enhance customer service, or gain deeper insights into customer behavior? Once you’ve established your objectives, evaluate the features of each tool. Consider factors such as ease of use, the accuracy of tracking, integration options with your existing tech stack, and the level of customization available.

Budget is another critical consideration; ensure the cost aligns with your financial resources without compromising on essential features. Additionally, take into account the scalability of the tool—can it grow with your business? Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of data security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. By thoroughly assessing these factors, you can choose a dynamic call tracking tool that not only meets your current needs but also supports your long-term business strategy.

In this guide we analyze the top 10 Call Tracking Tools from Callrail to Nimbata, and CallTrackingMetrics.


Dynamic number insertion lets you discover more about your consumers, such as their identity, how they found you on the internet, and which keywords they used to search for you.

Dynamic call tracking is a fantastic way to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. It gives you crucial information on which initiatives bring more clients to your company and which ones aren’t.

This allows you to boost the conversion rate and return on investment of your efforts.

If you heavily rely on phone calls, Nimbata can help you discover what brings in your most high value leads by simply setting up properly your call conversion tracking.Feel free to register for our 2-Week Premium Trial in order to test out our product and see if it fits your needs – no CC required.Otherwise, feel free to contact us and we will walk you through the platform!