Step by step guide: How to setup ad to call attribution for your website?

ad to call attribution


Having a strong online presence, and especially a good looking and easy to navigate website is a must for every business. In most cases it will be the first and final step of a visitors journey before they decide to purchase one of your products or book an appointment.

In some of our previous posts, we talked about how important it is to track conversions in Google Analytics, as these reveal what types of actions your visitors perform while browsing your website and examined thoroughly what call tracking is and how it is the missing piece of the attribution puzzle.

There are 4 ways to track calls from your website, each of which has their own pros and cons.

In this step-by-step guide I’m going to show you how to track calls by using Nimbata, the best ad to call attribution solution, and all the necessary actions that need to be done in order to track each and every call your customers place while browsing your website.

How to track calls on your website (ad to call attribution)

Step 1: Acquire numbers – How many do I need?

The answer to this question depends on which channels, campaigns or even visitor sessions you want to track – and to what extent. In general there are 4 ways to attribute call conversions:
A. Offline Sources
Best to know which offline marketing activities (e.g. direct mail) make your business phones ring (bring you leads)
B. Online Sources – Static Tracking
Best to know when you are driving visitors to a specific landing page or are tracking calls from online listings
C. Online Sources – Number Swapping
Best to know the online channel types that customer see you and call your business
D. Visitor Tracking – Number pools
Know the exact session and keyword that motivated your prospect to respond and call your business.

To learn more about how to decide which type of ad to call attribution suits your needs check out this guide!

Step 2: Setup Call Flows – How will I make the lead number acquired work/ ring?

This is an easy one. Essentially you just tell Nimbata where to route calls if somebody dials one of the acquired lead call numbers.

Step 3: Show number to users

Option 1: Statically place the number – scenarios A & B (above)

In some cases all you need is to statically place the number you acquired on your website or on any dedicated landing page you have designed. Simply copy and paste the tracking number on your website and you are good to go!

Option 2: Dynamic Number Swapping – scenarios C & D (above)

Dynamic Number Insertion(DNI) is a tracking code added to your website properties. This script is responsible for swapping your site’s existing phone numbers with those tracking numbers tied to the sources you want to track.

In action, Dynamic Number Insertion(DNI) allocates a unique phone number to each source e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Newsletters, Offline ads, etc, allowing you to track online and  offline attribution.

To learn more about the benefits and how to setup DNI rules check out this guide.

Step 4: Add script to your Website

Adding the Nimbata script on your website is easy peasy! I personally prefer to use Google Tag Manger so here are the steps you need to follow to include the line of code on your website. For all you devs out there, there is also the option to add it through HTML or use our WordPress plugin!

Step by step guide: How to setup ad to call attribution for your website? Google Tag Manager

Step 5: Send to Google Analytics

Viewing Nimbata dashboards is nice. Having your call conversion data in Google Analytics is even nicer!

We’ve covered this in detail in one of our previous posts so get right to it!

If you have already made the switch to Google Analytics 4 then this one is for you.

Step 6: View in dashboards – Listen to recordings – Tagging

Nimbata offers a wide range of reports and the ability to listen to recordings, tag the calls and input additional information about each call. To learn more about how to create your own dashboard in Nimbata check out this guide!


That’s it, with this guide now you can close the loop of which ads make your phones ring for your agency clients or your own business and take the steps to setup Nimbata the ad to call attribution platform!
If you have any questions or thoughts on the matter, feel free to send your thoughts and comments at