A number of different ways to view your Call Analytics Reports

3 ways to view your accounts' Call Analytics Reports

Callers’ data is a powerful weapon for every marketing agency. Every call carries important insights, which can give answers to crucial questions around customers and brands. At the same time, call data helps agencies to prove the real value of their efforts and establish long-lasting partnerships with their clients.

Nimbata’s call analytics reports are an ally helping you easily handle data, identify the vulnerable spots of your marketing performance real-time, and tap into insights to boost your clients’ Marketing ROI. Logging into your multi-client account, you can manage all your brands in one place, and save time for the things that really matter. Nimbata offers 3 different options to view and process your clients’ data:

1) Call Analytics Reports per brand

This way, you can isolate call data per brand and break them down to uncover customer insights. This helps you understand what does or doesn’t work with regard to specific campaigns and take further action to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Actually, this option works fine for single accounts, but in case of multi-client accounts, it might be a tedious process, logging in to each one of your accounts in order to get a view of their performance. 

2) Call Analytics Reports for all brands (all in one)

Here you can monitor the performance of your accounts in total. This viewing option is very useful when you want to monitor the effectiveness of similar brands. In fact, there are cases where such comparisons can uncover hidden opportunities or patterns for industry-related businesses.  A hypothetical example will help us better understand its usefulness: 

Say your marketing agency provides services to two online retailers which both sell sportswear. For the purpose of this example, we will call them Retailer A and Retailer B. Retailer A utilizes Google ads along with Facebook and Instagram ads to advertise its products in the UK. On the other hand, Retailer B is advertising its products in Germany and is using exactly the same marketing channels. However, Retailer B has recently started mailing promotional newsletters to subscribers.

Your marketing agency, which is responsible for Retailer’s B campaigns, started to track the call performance of those emails to get an omni-channel view of online and offline conversions. Comparing the data, your performance team observes that the 3 common advertising channels have more or less similar results for Retailer A and Retailer B.

But, what is astonishing is the number of call conversions generated from the newsletters sent out a few days ago! Undoubtedly, this is quite a significant insight to ignore. If newsletters work well for the Retailer B, then there is a high propensity to work for the Retailer A, as well. The only way to find out is… test, test, test. 

In addition to the above, Nimbata offers a third option, which is really awesome for all the users with multi-client accounts.  

3) Call Analytics Reports as a comparison among specific brands

Nimbata offers agencies and businesses with multi-client accounts the option to create reports on some subsets of the brands they handle, weighing up the performance of two or more accounts at the same time and most importantly… at their fingertips!

In any other case, they would have to download data from the Call Log and create reports with pivot tables in order to find out how their brands are performing. Now, let’s see step by step how you can apply the Nimbata filters to create call analytics reports on specific brands you handle:  

1. Log in to your Nimbata account

2. Head over to the Analytics section and select one among Nimbata’s Acquisition, Call or Visitor Behavior reporting options.

Go to Analytics Section

3. Next, select “All Brands” from the drop-down menu on the top right corner. 

Select "All Brands" from the drop-down menu

4. Once done, you then check the “Brand” among the 3 options that will appear on the left of the filter drop-down menu.

Check the option "Brand"

5. Now click on the “Filter” drop-down menu to apply the filters according to what you want to compare. 

More specifically, you can filter:

  • Brands 
  • The call outcome
  • New callers or All callers
  • The sources of the calls 
  • The duration of the calls in minutes
  • The tracking numbers 
  • The calling countries
  • The call type (regular, multi, priority, weighted)
  • The destinations 
  • The post-call action 
  • The calls that were tagged with a specific rating (e.g. 4-star calls)
Apply filters

6. Click on the “Apply” button and here you go!

Easy, right?

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