Call Tracking Integrations.

Integrate seamlessly with industry-leading apps and send call data to your everyday tools.

With Nimbata you can view calls as conversions in Google Analytics!

Viewing your inbound call tracking activity in Google Analytics has never been easier. Tap into Nimbata’s integration with Google Analytics and begin monitoring which channels, campaigns or even keywords are driving the most calls to your business today!

Integrate Nimbata with your Google Analytics account in a few minutes and send call data as events including the GCLID which provides insights on campaign, ad group, keyword, landing pages, affinity groups, etc.

Nimbata is proud to be an official Google Analytics Technology Partner.

Track calls as conversions in Google Ads to improve reach, spend and ROI!

Nimbata’s integration with Google Ads allows you to monitor the effectiveness of all your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that bring valuable phone leads and sales to your business.

Nimbata, utilizing Dynamic Number Insertion Technology, offers keyword-level tracking attributing call conversions to specific keywords, campaigns, and ad groups, so that you know exactly your best-performing assets and optimize for more.

Integrate Nimbata directly with your Google Ads account and let Google do all the heavy lifting for you.

Send all your call data directly to Google Sheets, in real-time!

Nimbata’s integration with Google Sheets allows you to push all your inbound call activity to your online spreadsheets and update them real-time with all those new phone leads that reach your call center.

Integrate your Nimbata account with Google Sheets in minutes, create custom reports according to your business needs and share valuable customer insights with your colleagues and partners so that you are all perfectly aligned.

Link your callers’ insights with the data extracted from other platforms, in one place.

Utilize Google Data Studio via our G-Sheets integration to send all your inbound call activity in one place for automated, one-stop reporting, and make a holistic evaluation of your marketing strategies across all channels.

Build custom reports according to your business objectives to keep track of your performance and make timely, data-driven decisions to optimize your Marketing ROI. Provide access to stakeholders or clients and make sure you are all on the same page.  

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Sync your caller data with your CRM or other reporting apps you deploy for your business.

Use our Zapier app to integrate your Nimbata account with more than 2.000 different web-applications. Send data to your favorite marketing tools, automate your work, save time and increase your productivity!

Create “zaps” between Nimbata and the marketing tools you utilize and trigger actions to your connected apps every time Nimbata records an action in your account.

Sync new phone leads or call activity from existing customers automatically with Hubspot.

Nimbata’s integration with Hubspot helps identify which marketing campaigns are inspiring prospects to pick up the phone and act. Create new contacts to your Hubspot CRM account every time Nimbata records a call event and tie them with all their respective tracking details (source, campaign, keyword, etc.).

Automatically get a clear view of your performance and the sales journey your customers followed and optimize your efforts to increase conversions. 


Sync your call activity automatically and view all information directly within your Salesforce dashboard.

With Nimbata’s Salesforce integration, you are capturing in your CRM all your callers’ contact info but also the marketing channels that inspired them to call your business.

Gather all your valuable data in one place, monitor your marketing performance, eliminate blind spots on customer journeys all the way across the sales funnel, and focus your marketing efforts to convert more prospects into customers with the same ad spend.

Nimbata WordPress

No more code changes or tedious dev work. Our WordPress call tracking plugin allows you to dynamically swap your site’s phone number with one of your tracking numbers.

Utilize Nimbata’s WordPress integration to add the Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) script in your web properties and discover which marketing sources, ads and keywords are driving phone calls and conversions to your business.

Find the official Nimbata Call Tracking plugin at WordPress plugins directory and set up your account in minutes.

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