Custom Properties

Add custom layer(s) of information to each call record

Custom properties allow you to add additional fields in your call records, which your team can populate.

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Supercharge your call data with additional information

Add extra information to each phone lead with custom properties

Custom properties - Use Cases

But, what if we told you that you can do
all that automatically?

Save time spent on manual classifying and managing your phone leads. Customize Νimbata to get your work done
more quickly – without manual work.

Automation Rules Feature

Automatically populate your custom property according to your business needs

Create as simple or as complicated rules you want in order to classify your phone leads your way.

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Populate multiple properties without putting the effort

Automation rules leave out manual effort while saving you time. This creates room for more detailed segmentation enhancing the lead classification process.

Integration Triggers Feature

Fine-tune your integrated apps with phone leads that matter

Combine automation rules with integration triggers to take control of your lead data quality by sending only the phone calls which have a specific property to your Google Ads, HubSpot, Google Analytics or even Slack.

Custom Properties FAQ

Power true attribution with
Call Tracking

Leave stress out of set up process – attribute phone calls in a matter of seconds

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