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What I appreciate the most is the responsiveness of the team, no matter the day and time I need help.

I like the ease of use it has and the top notch customer support that always helps me to set up new client accounts fast and effectively.

The thorough reporting, not to mention the exquisite customer support available 24/7

First of all, it was easy to find tracking numbers for the countries I was planning to run my campaigns. Secondly, the customer support is always stand-by to help.

They have created a great product in a very fair price.

I would like to focus on the ease of setup and use. Highly appreciated also the fact that the customer support is always available to resolve any possible issues.


Good luck getting any support. They literally don't answer the phone, return calls and take days to reply to emails.

The support can be more responsive - the pricing can be reduced - the features can be more expanded

The cost per minute can get pricey.

The numbers could be cheaper. And, if you're a complete beginner, go for other alternatives available for a lower price.

There are so many issues with CallRail regarding a poorly designed and non-user friendly system.

+13.000 Marketers have eliminated their guesswork - with nimbata

Need more? - A detailed comparison of Nimbata to Callrail

All the reasons to ditch your old, pricey vendor
nimbata. Callrail
Free Plan
Annual Commitment Discount up to 20% up to 10%
Pricing aligned to # of leads you get
Cost of lead Per Answered Call Per Talking Minutes
Local Number Prefixes for 74 countries
No-extra charge for add-ons
Advanced Call Flows and Integrations are essential to call tracking and conversion attribution. Callrail prices these additionally, whereas Nimbata includes them in every plan without extra charge.
Included Advanced Call Flows
Included Advanced Integrations
Integration Triggers
Integration Triggers enhance your attribution models in ad platforms and lead handling by sending only the call data that matter.
Free form submissions
Nimbata offers Form Tracking as a paid add-on without charging each form submissions. Whereas, Callrail's Form Tracking Plan ($95/mo+usage) charges each submission for $0.02
Customizable Dashboard
Choose which reports you wish to include, rearrange the order based on your needs and filter your data by agent, tracking number, tracking source, call tags etc. Communicate easily your marketing efforts to your team and/or customers.
Call Activity Views
Shareable Reports
Easily download your reports as xlsx and csv files or send your call data seamlessly in Google Sheets to improve the communication with your team or clients.
Dedicated Call Tracking Experts
Real-time Support

Better for Converting Leads into Customers

Transfer your existing client setup and call tracking numbers is your right, and we take on all the effort!

Hassle-free Migration

Onboarding Support

No extra document

No extra effort

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Want help with migration?

Like we said, support is our thing!

Beyond features - See why our customers
choose us over Callrail and any other competitor

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