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Searching for the best alternative to attribute phone leads? Try Nimbata – It can link incoming phone calls from any source to any campaign enabling you to level up your growth game.

Marketers running global campaigns get better attribution data for inbound calls, saving big bucks which they can re-invest in their digital marketing campaigns.

All the reasons to ditch your old, pricey vendor.

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What makes Nimbata the right choice?

Dynamic number swapping, call flows, whispers, integrations and more...

Acquisition, Frequency, Trends

Brand Management

Work efficiently with your clients!

Advanced Filtering

Get the call insights you need!

Global Prefixes

Optimize your Local Marketing!

Advanced Integrations

Lead Tracking and CRM integrations

24/7 Live Support

Chat with Experts anytime!

Pricing that helps you get more leads.

Affordable Plans. No hidden fees. Pay per actual call not per minute


Multi-touch attribution and source-level conversion tracking to determine ad spend, performing keywords, and acquisition costs

+ additional usage


Advanced call tracking and essential call conversion capabilities to support marketing teams and businesses.

+ additional usage


Essential call tracking tool for marketers and businesses to know the volume of calls generated.

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Global Call Tracking Leader.

Nimbata provides virtual numbers to 4,300+ cities globally. Reaching local audience has never been easier!


Don’t get locked in!

Transfer your existing client setup and call tracking numbers is your right, and we take on all the effort!

Stories like these are why we exist.

We’ve helped over 10,000 marketers get millions of answered calls!

Nikhil G.

Business Owner

“Nimbata’s call tracking software turned out to be a powerful weapon for my business. They offer tracking numbers for many countries with an easy process to get them “


Tina M.

Marketing Consultant

“Nimbata is by far the best call tracking service. They provide exceptional customer support resolving issues in no time!”


John K.

Growth Marketer

“Nimbata solved one of my biggest problems in b2b lead generation. I can now prove the increase of the phone calls generated from the marketing efforts.”