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Compare the features and pricing of Nimbata vs Callrail. Learn the differences and advantages of each call tracking solution.

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Nimbata is an agency-friendly marketing automation and call attribution platform. View side-by-side comparisons between both platforms.

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Compare the features of Nimbata vs. Whatconverts. See how Nimbata can provide more benefits for your team for less money.

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Choosing the right call analytics platform for your business.

Call tracking and analytics play a vital role in bridging the gap between online and offline
channels, leading to more efficient marketing resource allocation and improved sales staff
effectiveness. The specific benefits of using an enterprise call analytics platform should include the following:

Improved multi-touch attribution

By using DNI to track inbound calls to their source, call analytics platforms establish the link between inbound calls and online search, display, social or email campaigns. The data can be fed into attribution models for greater accuracy.

More unified customer view

Integrating call analytics data with CRM, marketing automation, tag management and other martech or adtech systems provides the enterprise with a more complete view of each prospect and customer enabling more relevant, personalized marketing.

Optimized marketing campaigns

Inbound calls can be tracked to their marketing source at the keyword, session, campaign or channel levels, and followed through the conversion funnel to identify the most profitable sources. Campaigns can then be optimized to focus on the messages and sources that attract the highest quality calls.

Smarter marketing resource allocation

Understanding which ads, keywords and webpages drive the most profitable calls leads to more informed marketing and media spend decisions.

Increased sales staff productivity

Tools such as IVR and advanced call routing send high value leads to the right agents or locations to close sales more efficiently. Call analytics can also reveal inefficiencies that, when improved, can boost key metrics such as lost opportunities.

Better sales performance

Call analytics platforms record and analyze inbound calls to identify which agents and sales techniques close the most sales. Training can be provided to improve results, where necessary. Whisper messages help agents customize their approaches based on known customer information during calls.

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Steven Laff

"We have used several companies in this space, most recently CallRail, which unfortunately kept getting worse. We are coming up on a year with Nimbata and I can say their support is not good, it is GREAT! It has been our best decision in the call tracking space in over a decade.


Verner Keel

"Excellent call tracking service. Modern technology, fair prices and supreme customer service. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Adrien Lafranchi

"Really easy to use, the support service is just amazing, i think the best i've seen. Much better than Call Tracking Metrics (they took soooooo long to approve numbers)"

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Wait, I have questions.
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Yes. We’ve built Nimbata with the latest technological stack so you can acquire numbers and setup automations without any hassle.

Other services give the illusion of fair pricing, but then include usage costs such as per-minute charges, or other ‘hidden’ fees. As a result businesses get stuck with a hefty bill for lengthy calls and may even consider call tracking expensive.

Nimbata simply tells it like it is, and puts the control in your hands. Nimbata is the only call tracking platform that charges per “answered call”, not per-call, not per-minute. This way your monthly costs will be based on what matters most to marketing: the answered calls (aka warm leads) that nimbata helps you generate

We know! Transferring your existing numbers can be intimidating and there is always the fear that there will be lost calls during the process.


Transferring your existing client setup and call tracking numbers is your right, and we take on all the effort!

You will get a dedicated account manager who will initiate and run the process, without you having to perform any setup actions.

Connect with direct integrations or use Zapier and Webhooks to send call data to thousands of apps.
Automate tasks by applying rules and triggers.

We love helping fellow marketers out! Being digital marketers ourselves, we know how hard it can be to keep up with all the changes that happen in the field.
A call tracking specialist is always available to chat and help you with your questions.

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