System downtime killing your business?
Instant call alerts for
faster resolution times!
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call alerts

Stop worrying about system incidents escalating to high severity emergencies.
Receive real time call alerts via push notification, each time an incident occurs.
Configure who and when will be notified, the message to be played,
repeat call interval or priority notification in case of multiple receivers.

Instant Call Alerts

Get instantly notified the moment a system is down. Manage incidents to protect uptime.

Seamless integration with any system

Compatible with any system running on a server. No need for registering any parameters or exposing information on the web.

Configuration Options

Select persons to be notified, duration of ring in case of priority routing, repeat frequency and message to be played.

How it Works

Set up call alerts in three simple steps !

  • 1. Add Trigger ID

    Create an account and access the nimbata CallTriger backend. Start by creating a new Trigger ID.

  • 2. Who will be notified ?

    Register phone numbers of people who will receive the alert.

  • 3. Configure Details

    Configure ring duration, routing plan, server details, etc.

  • Ready

    Start Receiving Alerts!

    Optimize incident lifecycle, reduce downtime!


Flexible Pricing Options. No contracts or setup fees.
Pay monthly, Cancel anytime.

Monthly (per user)


No additional charges applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers you need...

Are there any setup / cancellation fees?

There are no contract commitments or setup/cancellation fees. Pay monthly or as you go.

What are the payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover through your online account. Want to pay via paypal or invoice? No worries! Contact us and we'll set that up for you!

How does the pricing per user work?

Every person set to receive a call is considered a paid user, including those that are set as backup users in priority mode alerts.

How many systems can I monitor?

You can setup as many trigger alerts as you wish with no additional charge!

What if the person to be alerted is in another country?

nimbata callalert won't charge you extra for international calls! All call notifications are included regardless the country of residence of the recipient!

How does the priority routing alert scheme work?

Configure alerts to act differently with respect to different conditions. Set up different routing to different destinations on workdays, holidays or any other occasion. Customize configurations differently per hour (timeframe) minute or any other interval. Route your alerts to a number during office hours, to your mobile phone during after office hours, to your help desk or to external partners. Configure your schedule according to your geography location, your agents, your expertise. Setup alerts so that calls are routed to specific destinations, dependent on the originating calling location. Multi-line ringing will route the call to all assigned numbers for the alert. When the first number is picked up, the remaining phones will stop ringing. Priority ringing will route the call to the first number, wait for a specific ringing duration which you set, and if the number doesn't answer, the call will be forwarded to the next priority number.

Start Receiving Alerts today !

Flexible Pricing Options. No contracts or setup fees. Pay monthly, Cancel anytime!

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