An In-depth CallRail Review 2024: Pros, Cons, and Pricing Analysis

callrail review - Pros, Convs, Pricing, Alternatives

CallRail Review Intro

Today, Callrail is one of the most popular tools for tracking phone calls.

It’s used by thousands of Marketers every day. With features like phone number pools, dynamic swapping, and integrations, it’s an obvious choice for marketers and business owners.

Yet, before you take the plunge, let’s look at what it’s good at and where it falls short. In this detailed CallRail review, we’ll use our call tracking know-how to give you the lowdown on Callrail’s pros and cons.

Let’s get started with our CallRail review.

Overview and Ratings

CallRail is a call tracking and analytics platform that is primarily used by businesses to track and analyze phone call interactions with their customers. It helps businesses understand which marketing campaigns are driving phone calls, measure the effectiveness of their advertising efforts, and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

Key Features of CallRail:

  1. Call Tracking: CallRail allows businesses to assign unique phone numbers to different marketing campaigns, channels, or even specific keywords. This helps in tracking the source of inbound calls and attributing them to specific marketing efforts.
  2. Call Recording: Users can record and listen to phone calls. This can be beneficial for training purposes, quality control, and gaining insights into customer interactions.
  3. Call Analytics: The platform provides detailed call analytics, including call duration, caller location, and call outcomes, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.
  4. Integrations: CallRail can be integrated with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation tools, making it easier for businesses to manage and analyze customer data.
  5. Dynamic Number Insertion: CallRail can dynamically insert tracking phone numbers on a website, ensuring that calls from different sources are properly attributed.

Here’s the overall Rating as of October 2023 from G2, Capterra and Trustpilot

Callrail trustpilot screenshot
Callrail G2 screenshot
Callrail capterra screenshot

CallRail Review Summary: Pros & Cons

Below we summarize CallRail’s strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive Call TrackingPricing
Rich Analytics and InsightsCustomer Support
Keyword-Level Call AttributionIntegrations
Limited coverage

CallRail Pros

Moving on with our CallRail review we list CallRail’s strengths in more detail.

  • Comprehensive Call Tracking: CallRail excels in providing detailed call tracking capabilities. It allows businesses to track phone calls from various marketing sources, including online and offline campaigns, making it easy to attribute leads and conversions to specific marketing efforts.
  • Rich Analytics and Insights: CallRail offers robust analytics and reporting features. It provides valuable insights into call data, such as call duration, caller demographics, and call recordings. This information helps businesses better understand their customer interactions and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Keyword-Level Call Attribution: CallRail’s keyword-level call attribution feature allows businesses to track which specific keywords or search terms led to phone calls. This level of granularity helps marketers understand the effectiveness of their SEO and advertising efforts, enabling them to optimize campaigns for better results and ROI.

CallRail Cons

Continuing with our CallRail review we list CallRail’s weaknesses in more detail.

  • Pricing: CallRail’s pricing structure has become a cause of worry many users. They find the pricing increases disappointing in terms of value for money. Certain users suggest incorporating more extensive reports and stronger integration capabilities into the existing pricing tiers.
  • Poor Customer Support: CallRail’s customer support has faced criticism from several reviewers. They have pointed out incorrect responses and a lack of responsiveness as significant pain points. The level of support provided is consistently perceived as subpar, demanding improvement.
  • Integration Challenges: CallRail’s integration capabilities have posed difficulties for some users, particularly when they try to sync with platforms like ZOHO and Google Ads. These difficulties encompass issues such as missing conversions, duplicate entries, and problems with matching records.
  • Limited coverage: CallRail offers call tracking services only in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

CallRail Pricing plans

Let’s take a look at CallRail’s pricing as part of our CallRail review. Looking at CallRail’s pricing you will find five plans that include the key features we discussed above.

callrail pricing plans

To sum it up, here are the available CallRail pricing tiers. The price decreases if you choose to bill annually instead of monthly.

  1. Call Tracking: $45/month + usage
  2. Call Tracking + Conversation Intelligence: $95/month + usage
  3. Call Tracking + Form Tracking: $95/month + usage
  4. Call Tracking Complete: $145/month + usage

CallRail pricing plans come with a variety of features like different add-ons and integrations. 

Next on our CallRail review – features per plan.

1. Call Tracking plan

The Call Tracking plan includes the following features:

  • 5 local phone numbers
  • 250 local minutes
  • 100 text messages
  • Unlimited users
  • Email summary reports
  • Offline and online call tracking
  • Keyword-level attribution
  • Localized Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
  • Call recording
  • Session-level tracking

2. Call Tracking + Conversation Intelligence plan

Everything in Call Tracking plan plus:

  • Call transcripts
  • Keyword analysis

3. Call Tracking + Form Tracking plan

Everything in Call Tracking plan plus:

  • Form Tracking
  • Custom Form Builder

4. Call Tracking Complete

Everything in Call Tracking plan plus:

  • Call transcripts
  • Keyword analysis
  • Form tracking
  • Custom form builder

CallRail Alternatives

As every tool has its own drawbacks, sometimes you need to be prepared for a switch, especially when your platform doesn’t work as promised or makes your tasks more tedious.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our team has gone ahead and tested a bunch of CallRail alternatives, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on the top three as part of our CallRail review.

Callrail alternative
  1. Nimbata call tracking is designed for marketers and business owners. It helps them analyze call volumes and assess the quality of phone leads. This tool offers various features, such as call recording, call transcription, call tagging, and call reporting, allowing businesses to gain insights into caller behavior and outcomes.

    Nimbata also integrates seamlessly with tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Salesforce to provide a comprehensive view of marketing and sales performance. Its standout features include a customizable dashboard, various reporting views, and automation rules. Pros include a user-friendly interface, 24/7 human support, and a pay-per-answered-call model. It offers a free version with paid plans starting at $39 per month for basic call tracking.
  2. Convirza is a call tracking software designed to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates for businesses. While it provides advanced call tracking and analysis features, it is worth noting that Convirza’s pricing may be higher compared to some competitors, and it has limited international coverage. It caters to SMBs, large enterprises, and agencies in various industries such as automotive, financial services, healthcare, home services, legal services, real estate, and travel and hospitality.
  3. Infinity Call Tracking is a call tracking software aimed at helping businesses enhance customer engagement and boost conversion rates. This software offers advanced functionalities, such as call tracking, call recording, real-time reporting, and keyword-level tracking. It is tailored to provide data-driven insights into customer interactions, making it well-suited for medium to large-sized businesses dealing with a substantial volume of inbound calls. Its primary audience is large-sized businesses and enterprises that handle a high volume of inbound phone calls.


This concludes our CallRail review. Having delved deep into the realm of CallRail’s extensive features, we’re excited to share our conclusive insights. When it comes to the user experience, rest assured, the platform does it’s job more than fine. However, there’s room for enhancement in the user interface department; certain vital features, like setting up call flows and dynamic swapping, could benefit from being more readily accessible.

Furthermore, CallRail stands as an invaluable asset in fortifying various facets of your digital marketing strategy. The standout feature here is undeniably Conversational Intelligence, offering insights about what callers discuss during their phone interaction with agents.

While CallRail boasts several advantages, it does have areas ripe for improvement, notably in the realms of conversion tracking to Google Ads and Reporting. Another pain point is lack of real time support, which proves to be frustrating for customers.


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