5 Construction Marketing Ideas To Elevate Your Business ROI [2021]

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The role digital marketing plays in helping businesses grow their brands online, and obtain more valuable leads cannot be overemphasized. The importance of profitable projects for construction companies cannot also be overlooked. You need profitable projects to stay afloat in business and a key driver of profit is effective use of technology. However, many construction businesses have really underutilized technology and that is affecting their profitability and without a doubt their cashflow.

In fact, if you’ve not instituted digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy for your construction business then you’re losing a lot of money. This article is about 5 construction marketing strategies you can start applying to boost your business ROI in 2021 and beyond.

Construction Marketing Goes Digital

  • Digital marketing allows you to easily grow your construction business’s awareness faster and easily spread the word about your unique offers.
  • It allows you to quickly create brand recognition and drive engagement around your brand even if you’re new in business.
  • Digital Marketing allows you to leverage social media marketing tools that gives you smarter insights about your customers and their needs.
  • You can easily leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to drive your organic reach and boost your brand’s discoverability.
  • Digital Marketing gives you all the tools to make your customers happy, create a conversation around your brand and provide exceptional customer service that delights your customers.

Establish Your Presence on Social Media

Over ninety percent of US businesses are on social media so if your construction business is not actively utilizing social media then you’re putting your business at a competitive disadvantage. Social media gives you insight on audience conversation about your brand. Also, you also get to demonstrate your expertise by sharing valuable information and recent projects which could give you high quality leads.

5 Construction Marketing Ideas To Elevate Your Business ROI [2021] social media

Social Media also allows you to leverage the ads feature to position your brand in front of a wide range of potential leads through audience targeting. Nearly every social media platforms support sponsored ads which you can leverage to scale your revenue. We’ve seen a construction company generate 67 qualified leads with a 15X return on ad spend (ROAS) within a period of just four months.

Invest in Local SEO

Local SEO offers a competitive advantage when it comes to building your brand online. If you’re looking for more targeted and organic traffic, then investment in SEO is an option you should consider. About 51 percent of web traffic comes from organic searches with only 5% coming from all the different social media platforms. Hence, investment in SEO will be a profitable investment for construction companies. Prospects are constantly searching online for the right construction company that will handle their projects so it is important to optimize your website’s content to be search engine friendly.

5 Construction Marketing Ideas To Elevate Your Business ROI [2021] seo

Provide Value Over Features

Most of your competitors are focusing on sales. But did you know that a superior marketing strategy that gives you competitive advantage is to provide superior value. Value comes in the form of educational material, and activities that boost your authority factor. This could be investment in online or offline education that positions your construction company as a leader in the industry.

Share Your Story and your Process

Businesses and individuals are more ready to do business with you if there’s evidence that you’ve successfully helped other businesses/individuals in the past.  Ask your previous clients to share their success story working with you. Compile a case study and have that published on your website. We recommend that you use video testimonials since they have higher chances of better and better engagement. Share these stories and processes on your social media channel to demonstrate your authority and you’d be known for your uniqueness.

Make Good Use of Call Tracking

Of all the marketing strategies mentioned so far none provides sufficient granular data on the caller’s journey than call tracking.

With a tool like Nimbata, marketers can view detailed reports on how callers found your business, including what pages they visited and which content they engaged with. You can even tag and record calls before later sending them to your favorite marketing tools such as Google Analytics.

Because call tracking identifies keywords and campaigns that generate  telephone calls to your businesses as opposed to just website visitors – you can save money and grow revenues by focusing on the efforts that drive more phone calls and sales.


Traditional construction marketing approaches will not scale your ROI in 2021 and beyond. You need a combination of digital marketing approaches that involves Google advertising, local SEO and call tracking to push your brand in front of your customers.