Stay Ahead of the Curve: 8 Game-Changing Call Tracking Add-Ons for Marketers [October 2023 update]

Powerful Add-ons

Introduction – What are call tracking addons?

Calls frequently fall into the Bermuda Triangle of marketing data… It’s a fact. Wondering why? Because even though you know that your customers are calling, it is far less clear what actually drives them to pick up the phone.

Call tracking has come to shed light on this, by monitoring the marketing channels each and every business utilizes, providing insights on what is effective or not. That’s why setting up call tracking can be so transformative. For the first time, you have visibility over what is often the most critical stage in generating new revenue!

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Call Tracking alone is usually enough to shift the needle for most businesses. But when you are ready to take your call tracking to the next level or have specific requirements, then this is where add-ons come into play. Add-ons allow you to pick and choose additional functionality for your call tracking software. They give you what you need to reach your business objectives, without drowning in a pool of uncertainty. Choosing Nimbata you can deploy a very useful toolkit of add-ons to make the most of your inbound call tracking activity:

#1 Call recordings

Having a recording of a customer’s phone call can be invaluable as it offers qualitative insights about how calls are handled by your agent. How is this done?

Once calls are recorded, they can be listened to from the app or downloaded to your computer. From Nimbata’s activity page the user can rate the call and, by extension, the performance of the customer service agents. Long story short, call recording is one of the most useful add-ons enabling the user to identify high performers or employees who may require further training. In sum, call recording is a must-have and probably one of the most important call tracking addons you should use for your lead attribution purposes.

#2 Call Transcriptions

Similarly to call recordings, call transcriptions enable the business to read and analyze incoming calls. Once the agent picks up the phone, our call tracking software starts to record the dialogue. A few minutes after the end of the call, the user can head over to the activity page and get a transcription of the conversation.

#3 Call Surveys

Next on our list of call tracking addons – Call Surveys! Being able to extract and analyze data can vastly improve your marketing and sales processes. It’s not accidental that data has been termed the new oil… Call surveys enable you to add another dimension to the data attributed to the call. Just after each call ends, you complete a short survey using the keypad on your phone. This can help to guide future interactions with that customer.

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#4 Email Notifications

We know that you don’t have time to constantly monitor your dashboard. This is why we enabled Email notifications. To keep you on top of incoming calls without having to check for updates all the time. And guess what! With Nimbata you can set specific criteria for being notified. Choose who should receive these emails in your organization or request to receive them only when a call has gone unanswered.

#5 Voicemail

Voicemail makes it to our list of top 8 call tracking addons. While it is always best to answer your calls, having voicemail in place provides a second opportunity to follow-up with those customers who didn’t manage to connect with your business. Nimbata allows you to listen to voice messages either through the app or directly from your device.

#6 Call Greetings

There will be times when answering immediately just isn’t possible. But first impression counts! So, having a call greeting in place ensures that your prospective customer stays engaged while waiting on the line to talk to a customer representative. Nimbata enables you to use a pre-recorded message, played either as a loop or as a one-off followed by the ringtone.

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#7 Caller ID Masking

By default, Nimbata displays the phone number of the caller. But… it also gives the option to have the tracking number displayed as the caller ID.

“Why?” somebody will ask. The answer is: “For many reasons!”

And we will list some of them shortly. First things first, confidentiality!

Supposing your business needs to provide confidentiality, the call tracking ID prevents the agent that handles the call from seeing the clients’ phone number. Secondly, when the tracking number is displayed instead of a phone number, lets you immediately identify the marketing channel that generated the call. So, you pick up the phone and tailor the conversation based on the lead source. Want more reasons? 

#8 Whispers

Last but not least on our list of call tracking addons you shouldn’t miss… Whispers! No, it’s not a song.

This awesome add-on does exactly what it promises! A brief message, informs the agent about the marketing activity that made the phone ring before it is handled. We suppose you don’t manage clients coming from an organic search the same way with paid search, right?

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To sum up, Nimbata’s call tracking addons allow you to customize your call tracking setup according to your needs. As your business grows and your requirements change, Nimbata’s call tracking can evolve with you. So, start now and… let’s grow together!

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