Attribute phone leads
to your PPC & SEO activities

Don’t let phone calls skew your marketing performance results.
Call Tracking saves hours of guesswork, and brings conversion accuracy to the table.


1.3k Calls

30% up from last month

3.5′ Avg Call

10% down from last month

900 New Callers

6% down from last month

1.1k Unique Callers

57% up from last month

New vs Repeat Callers

Call Tracking Report - New vs Repeated Callers

Calls By Country

world map

Calls By Source

Call Tracking Pie chart - By channel
Google Ads
Yelp Listing
Google My Business

Call Tags

100 calls tagged as

230 calls tagged as

Nimbata Integrations

+5000 brands and agencies run on Nimbata daily

Call Tracking Software - Phone Lead Demonstration

Gain full visibility on what makes your phone ring

Simple yet intuitive call tracking providing detailed attribution data, right down to the search keywords used. Gain insights about UTM codes, landing pages, campaigns, and click IDs, and discover what brings in the right leads or eliminate unnecessary expenses caused by underperforming efforts that burn budget.

call tracking software - call analytics & reporting

Report call analytics in a blink of an eye

Choose as many reports as you want from our report gallery and build your custom dashboard to more easily handle, capture and share your phone leads with your team or clients – see what resonates for your marketing based on true data.

Call Tracking Integrations

Bring call data to anywhere

Send call data to your Marketing, CRM and Reporting tools for lead and conversion data accuracy, better lead management, truer marketing attribution empowering data-driven strategies.

And the best part? – You can send call data when it really matters with integration triggers.

An easy call to make – why?

They made their move – ready to join them?

You are one step away from instantly learning what makes leads call you.

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy reversed g2@2x

Rene Hanli
Digital Marketing Specialist at Vezzlemedia

“What you wanted other call tracking providers to be”


Steven Laff
Marketing Agency Owner at AFSB

“…best decision in the call tracking space in over a decade.”

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy capterra

Markellos Diorinos
CEO at Bryq

“Finally we can calculate ROI on click-to-call ads”


Dinesh Kumar
Business Owner at 55places

“Nimbata excels in integrating with various APIs, allowing seamless connections with existing business software.”

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy capterra

Tino Umo
Agency owner at Searchgage

Nimbata’s per-call cost significantly reduced our call tracking expenses by 70% in comparison to other platforms out there


Adrien Lafranchi
Business owner at Soshome

“Really easy to use, the support service is just amazing, i think the best i’ve seen.”

Combine flexibility and call tracking features for
true attribution

Build rules to automatically classify your phone leads for accurate lead data. Create Integration Triggers so your integrations run whenever it has value to you. Share easily call data with your clients or team to keep everyone aligned.

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy magic Automation Rules

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy AUTOMATION RULES 2

Automatically classify your leads with Automation Rules. Set which types of leads you want to focus on, and Nimbata will tag, and/or assign a value to the ones that meet your criteria.

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy shuffle Integration Triggers

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy AUTOMATION RULES

Integration Triggers allow you to set detailed criteria to determine which calls are sent to each of your third-party integrations. This way, you can customize the data you’re sending to the apps that help you make data-driven decisions.

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy box arrow down Lead Sharing

Nimbata | Call Tracking made easy AUTOMATION RULES 1

At Nimbata, we understand the importance of data, but we also know that sifting through complex tables can be overwhelming. We believe in sharing data, not hoarding it. That’s why we make it easy to export all of your marketing data with just one click. Whether you want to download your entire data set or just the filtered information you’re currently viewing, Nimbata has you covered.

Ready to give Nimbata a spin?

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Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Nimbata is a leader in Small-Business Inbound Call Tracking on G2

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