Google Analytics Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your google analytics account!


Integration in 6 simple steps!

nimbata services can quickly be integrated with your Google Universal Analytics account. Calls placed to any tracking numbers will be recorded and reported on Google Analytics account just like any other page visit. To enable this feature, Google Analytics must be installed on your webpage. In addition, call details will be passed to Google Analytics as a post-back appended to the end of your Tracking URL. To get started:

1. Signup for Google Analytics

2. Administer you existing Google Analytics website view or create a new one

3. Define a goal as a 'Destination"

4. Enter the tracking URL for which you would like to receive nimbata call-tracking events

5. Login to and place this URL for each of the nimbata numbers you would like to track

6. Visits Google Analytics to view your call tracking statistics

Privacy Policy

Our call tracking solution will never access or use any data from your Google Analytics account.

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