Dynamic Number Insertion

Incorporate the Nimbata pixel to your site (via Tag Manager or JS) and dynamically publish tracking numbers dependent on the activity that triggered the visit. Attribute and understand which channels, keywords, campaigns, referrers, etc. are responsible for your inbound phone leads and sales.

Call Tracking for Landing Pages and Websites

Site & Landing Pages

Nimbata tracking numbers dynamically replace existing phone numbers on your website if the visit has originated from a touch-point you’ve setup to track. Visitors will view a different number that reflects the source of their engagement with your brand. This phone number can then be setup to persists with the visitor on each ensuing visit.

When the dynamic tracking number is called, intelligence on which channel, ad, campaign or keyword rendered the call – complete marketing attribution achieved!

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Organic vs. Paid Channels

Are calls to your business a result of SEM, paid ads, both? How much is each channel contributing? Discover insights on the type of traffic driving phone leads or sales and optimize against the networks, keywords, campaigns, ad placements, device types, ad extensions and more.

Uncover the true ROI for each channel, and build a digital strategy that achieves healthy call rates and revenues while shying away from efforts not worth the money.

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Call Tracking for Adwords, PPC and Organic
Call Tracking for Social Media

Social Media

With new users joining every day, social media has become an integral marketing component for any brand seeking the attention of it prospects and customers. Drill down on the specific channels, posts or sponsored content leading to calls.

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Offline to Online

Engagement from offline channels is a pain point faced by many marketers, as it cannot be measured accurately and objectively. Using vanity domains that redirect visitors to your site can help solve this problem. Our DNI solution knows when calls should be attributed to a newspaper listing, tv commercial, radio spot or any other offline medium.

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Call Tracking from Offline Sources