Let your customers communicate with a click

A simple Click2Dial snippet

This is a very simple template of what your Click2Dial may look like. Choose between form, image or button design.

Instantly connect with your customers!

Setting up the service is a two-step process in which once configured, the nimbata provided URL (acting as call back function) can be placed on any web element of choice.

By subscribing to this service one or more links can be included on your web pages or any other online medium of choice.

Each link could have its own name, i.e. Call-Me-Now. After your customers click on the link, and enter their telephone number, the call is then immediately placed by nimbata to the predetermined destination your company has set.

nimbata calls the customer on your behalf and the two parties are ready for communication.By implementing the nimbata Click2Dial solution, you can help relieve existing and prospective clients from performing additional steps when attempting to get in touch with you.

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