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Call Tracking and Analytics.

Use local, toll free or click2dial numbers to tackle all your call tracking needs. Calls are routed and processed to your desired destinations and our interactive dashboards provide insights on campaign performance. Improve Marketing ROI today!

Build Campaigns. Enhance Marketing Return.

nimbata is a software as a service platform built for businesses. Intelligent, reliable, integrates with Google Analytics to get your job done in minutes!

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nimbata lifecycle

rate real time activity

Rate real time activity. Optimize Campaign Performance.

The nimbata SaaS architecture empowers enterprises to transform raw data into intelligence. Dig deeper into useful campaign data in the most simple, user-friendly and powerful way. Track the efficiency of each advertisement - investigate calls that generate the most sales, the audiences that respond the best and more. Our dashboard allows you to rate real-time activity and view a number of different reports.

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Friendly dashboards. Seamless integration with Google Analytics.

The nimbata dashboards offer a set of standard reports available to any subscriber of the service. Nimbata services can quickly be integrated with your Google Universal Analytics account. Calls placed to any tracking numbers will be recorded and reported on Google Analytics account just like any other page visit.

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